November 22, 2022

Capture your customers' attention with Product Badges

Now, you can add badges to products to highlight new drops, special offers, and more! Polishing your mobile app with labels can help guide your customers on their purchasing journey, and it can seriously increase revenue.

Alex Rosas


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Automation and an optimized UX UI is key to a successful ecomm sales strategy. With Product Badges, Tapcart brands can boost customer awareness of important and exciting  product attributes like a new promotion or a best seller. This free feature is a simple and easy way to drive purchase behavior, Product Badges can be an effective approach to grab your customer’s attention and incentivize them to take action. 

What Are Product Badges?

Also known as product labels or stickers, product badges are a merchandising tactic that give extra attention to specific product attributes. Here at Tapcart, our Product Team built Product Badges that are customizable and will convert. With design in mind, we offer multiple types of badges so merchants can make their app as unique as their brand. With that, the goal of our mobile UX UI is to create the best mobile experience so your shoppers can make instant decisions. 

Product badges are a worthwhile approach to tapping into the psyche of potential shoppers. Here are a few common examples of how product badges can be used for urgency, social proof, and promotion: 

  • Urgency creates an incentive to increase sales by triggering a limited timespan an item or a deal is available to the customer. Ex. “Deal of the Day” or “Limited Time Only”
  • Social Proof, a high performer on Amazon, gives legitimacy to products based on the consumer experience. Ex. “Best Seller”, “Staff Picks”, and more
  • Promotion badges educate consumers on current promotions and make it easy to highlight products that are applied. Ex. “20% OFF”, “Gift with Purchase”, and “BFCM  Exclusive”

Strategically Push Products, Drive More Conversions

Proven to increase conversions up to 55% (Brandwatch, 2014), adding Product Badges into your sales strategy can boost your sales and increase authority among customers. Using the right strategy, Product Badges can focus your customers attention and highlight incentives that support your customer to make quicker decisions…low effort, high reward—say less.

Here are a few best practices when adding product badges to your mobile app. 

  1. Start with what works. Knowing your customers and what drives them will help start you off with effective badges. (Best seller, top rated, etc)
  2. Test. Continue to test messaging, color, and position for best results. 
  3. Don’t overdo it. Placing too many badges can become confusing for customers. Focus on what customers care about most.  
  4. Avoid Jargon. Use terms your customers are familiar with, such as “Staff Pick”, “New Arrival”, and “Top Seller”
  5. Use Holidays to your advantage. Help customers find the best gift for the holidays or products included in sales or promotions. 
  6. Placement is key. Setting up product badges that will easily grab your customers attention while prioritizing product information is vital. 


Product Badges are available now and can be set up in 3 easy steps. Simply set up, customize, and save!

Want to try it out? Head to the Product Badges section in your Tapcart dashboard settings to integrate it itno your sales strategy.

Have more questions on this feature? Check out this support article to how Product Badges can increase revenue.

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