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How Beauty brand Moitié Cosmetics increased customer LTV with an app


more shopping session revenue on app vs mobile web


of total sales came from the app during BFCM


higher purchase frequency on the app vs mobile web and desktop combined

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About the brand

Founded in 2018, offers innovative products to beauty enthusiasts worldwide. They burst onto the ecommerce scene in 2020 with their game-changing at-home eyelashes that are long-lasting without causing damage to natural lashes. And they’re growing fast—they’ve recently expanded their product line to include easy-to-apply nails, eyeliners, cosmetic tools, and more.

In 2021, Moitié Cosmetics kicked that growth into high gear by creating a no-code mobile app with Tapcart. Beyond expanding their brand presence, the app has given the Moitié Cosmetics team a powerful new channel to boost revenue, engage their customers, improve retention, and increase customer lifetime value.  

The Challenge

Bring in new customers & increase customer value

Anyone working in ecommerce knows that having repeat customers is the key to boosting sales. Recognizing that more than 94% of Moitié Cosmetics' total sessions came from mobile devices, Sima Mobascher, Moitié's founder, wanted to find a way to consistently engage with customers to build loyalty and improve its lifetime value—without stealing focus from its other marketing channels or costing them more money in ads.

At first, Sima wondered if building an app would help them achieve these ambitious goals. But upon seeing how Tapcart offered Moitié  the ability to send push notifications, offer exclusive deals, and streamline the checkout process, Sima thought they had nothing to lose by giving Tapcart a try. 


The Solution

Unlocking the power of a mobile app

With help from the Tapcart team, Moitié brought their mobile app to market in just two weeks. Just two weeks after launching the app, before even kicking off a launch campaign, Moitié had already started to gain new customers and sales through the app. Before long, the app was driving more than 12% of Moitié's gross merchandise value (GMV).

And all this without dedicating the time and resources that usually come with building a new sales or marketing channel.  Plus, Tapcart offered Moitié personalized mobile app marketing advice and design assistance, helping the company expand even further, keep innovating, and engage with their best customers.


The Result

The advantages of an app and thousands of downloads

Sima and her team's concerns about the expense and ROI of developing an app were quickly resolved, and they soon realized the potential to reach more customers and better engage their existing ones. App sessions now produce 3.1x more value than mobile web, and conversion rates have soared past desktop and mobile web. During the peak ecommerce season around the holidays, Moitié's app contributed more than 20% to total GMV. 

Moitié also realized that offering a branded mobile app helps them with customer retention. The easy-to-use app integrates seamlessly with their website, and  keeps customers coming back for more. In fact, Moitié found that customers who shop through the app are the most loyal of any customer segment. 


Bottom line: for Moitié, building a no-code mobile app with Tapcart has changed the game. And they’re just getting started. 

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