Home & Hobby Ecommerce: Top Mobile Strategies in Interior Decor, Furniture & Gardening

Potential buyers are more equipped than ever to make home purchases from the convenience of their phones. In this article, we will dive into a few ways you can leverage Tapcart’s solution to deliver tailored solutions.

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OverviewTapcart’s Tech Partner Program is designed to expand our ecosystem of partners, encourage partner-led extensibility

These days, we're all spending more time than ever at home, and you know what? We're absolutely loving it! According to Shopify's recent Home Furnishing Industry Report, the world of home furnishing is taking a big slice of the ecommerce pie, coming in at a whopping 17.1% in 2022 and it’s even set to rake in $415 billion in global revenue next year. Thanks to COVID-19, we now have the freedom to explore the cozy world of home furnishing as WFH has become the norm. With less time spent commuting to traditional offices, it's now all about remodeling, redesigning, and redecorating our homes to suit our new way of life.

But it's not just about buying big-ticket items like beds or sofas. Americans are going all out to spruce up every corner of their homes. Here are a few popular examples of ways we fill the home: 

  • Candles: The decorative candle market is on fire, with annual retail sales hitting a whopping $3.14 billion.
  • Gardening: Green thumbs nationwide are pouring a cool $48 billion into gardening equipment. Plus, the pandemic gave birth to 18.3 million new gardeners.
  • Appliances: The home appliance industry is massive, with global retail sales for major and small appliances soaring past $680 billion in 2022.

And speaking of homes, they're getting bigger! In the past decade, the average size of newly built homes in the US has swelled by around 20% to approximately 2,400 square feet. With more space to play with, folks are curating their spaces with items that reflect their personalities, interests, and values.

Who's driving this home improvement train: Millennials and Gen Z

These tech-savvy shoppers are all about online shopping, with around 80% of millennials now doing most of their shopping online. In fact, 56% do it from their mobile devices. They've faced their fair share of challenges, like graduating into a tough job market with lower salaries and higher living costs. So, they want their purchases to align with their style, budgets and values.

Now, if you're in the ecommerce game, personalization and relevancy are the secret sauce. And guess what? Tapcart has your back. Here's how:

  • Automated Push Notifications: Use Tapcart's Automated Push Notifications to send tailored messages based on your customers' shopping behavior. Spice it up with gifs, customer images, and deep linking to give your brand that personal touch. Tapcart supports automated welcome series and abandoned cart alerts.
  • Custom Blocks: With this low-code feature, you can customize banners on your app to greet shoppers with new promotions or showcase an on-brand message that conveys your company values. Personalizing the customer journey with thoughtful touchpoints like this can help stand out in a competitive landscape. 
  • Personalize with Product Recommendations: Tapcart's Nosto integration helps you personalize your recommendations with algorithm-driven carousels, highlighting bestsellers, trending products, and new inventory.
“Finding a simple, engaging way to stay on top of their minds and help our customers through their design journey is key. With Tapcart it's easier to save favorites, make design boards and pick up where you left off! Not to mention, our Pushes are much easier to access than emails. We've seen a much higher time on-site, larger AOVs, and a higher return customer rate on Tapcart than on our website.”

Vanessa Van Hawkins, Founder, Alchemy Fine Home

But what about those checkout jitters? 

We get it, big purchases can be scary. That's where Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) comes in handy. It's all about giving customers flexibility. The US BNPL market is set to hit a staggering $100 billion in 2026, and it's not stopping there. With Tapcart, you can offer BNPL options like Zip, Afterpay, Klarna, Affirm, and Sezzle to ease the sticker shock of those big-ticket items.

Now, let's talk deliveries. We've all been there—anxiously waiting for a package to arrive. Coordinating deliveries can be a hassle, especially for folks with busy schedules. Plus, those shipping costs can add up increasing the stress of the purchase process. Studies even show that it takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one bad delivery experience. Yikes!

That's where Tapcart's Route integration helps you jump over these hurdles. Route offers on-demand, branded tracking experiences, buyer protection, and instant resolutions, all while making your orders carbon-neutral. 

The world of home & hobby will continue to grow and brands need to adapt to modern solutions to remain competitive. With Tapcart, you've got the tools to make your customers' homes cozier and their shopping experiences smoother than ever.

“Tapcart's revolutionary features have transformed the way we engage with our customers. Their innovative technology has given us a new and exciting journey in ecommerce, and making the most out of their cutting-edge tech allows us to remain dominant in our industry.”

Ty Naik, Product Manager, Rentoza

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