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Boost LTV and customer retention in app with Recharge’s subscription management system

How it works

Recharge’s integration with Tapcart lets your customers view, manage and customize their subscriptions directly through your mobile app.

Why choose


Quickly Enable Subscription Offers

Roll out entire subscription plans integrated directly with Shopify Payments in minutes. Easily launch and manage subscriptions from a unified Shopify dashboard. Automate your inventory management – automatically put subscription item on hold when they go out of stock.

Increase Customer LTV and Engagement 

Grow your recurring revenue by transforming one-time products into subscriptions. Boost lifetime order value and customer engagement by offering discounts on initial purchases.

Improve Customer Retention 

Keep your customers happy by improving their subscription experience with transparency and flexibility to edit their plans to suit their changing needs. Compatible with different subscription types and lengths depending on the consumable period of various products.

Your brand’s mobile growth starts today.