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Sit back, relax, and get insights from brilliant minds in the ecom industry. Listen to our pals with pods who are innovating the DTC game (we recommend taking notes ✍️).

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app user retention
higher conversion rate vs mobile web
return on app spend

“The speed and performance ⚡️ of the app is a big driver of
why our conversion rate and our AOV tends to be a little bit higher  in the app.“

Ecommerce Specialist, Princess Polly
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This podcast is the behind-the-scenes conversation that gets to the heart of what DTC is really like. This is the conversation you won’t hear anywhere else, with two of the most experienced names in the industry. We’ll be diving deep into industry moves, autopsies on failed brands, and why we’re investing in certain companies. Nik Sharma founded Sharma Brands, and Moiz Ali’s company Native was acquired by P&G for $100M.

The digestible DTC content you need. Co-founders of health & wellness brand Obvi, which has surpassed 250K customers globally, all whilst boot-strapping its way to $30 Million in sales in less than 3 years. Ron and Ash are strategic thinkers and senior leaders who creatively use tech, marketing, strategy, and analytics to support innovation and revenue-generating business goals.

Down To Chat is a collection of conversations with operators and friends in the Direct to Consumer space. As avid podcast listeners and DTC fanatics, Cody and Eli have been searching for a podcast that is casual and conversational, while at the same time useful and insightful. A podcast that covers all things DTC from operators who are building the next generation of CPG brands. This is that.

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