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Logistics, Cross Border, Shipping


Grow your online sales in over 200 markets worldwide with Global-e.

How it works

Global-e's end-to-end ecommerce platform enables merchants to increase international traffic conversions and drive online sales in over 200 destinations worldwide.

Through a single integration, you can offer online consumers across the globe a seamless localized shopping experience tailored to their specific market preferences and aligned with your brand’s business needs and goals.

Why choose


Advanced localization designed to increase international traffic conversions:

  • Customized messaging per market
  • Local pricing and currencies > 100 currencies supported
  • Local and alternative payment methods >150 methods supported
  • Local import duty and tax calculated and guaranteed
  • Multiple shipping options at competitive rates
  • Easy and local returns

Best practice expertise and consulting:

Guidance and insights derived from our experience working with over 1000 brands and retailers

  • Local market recommendations based on big-data analysis and benchmarks per vertical/market
  • Ongoing optimization to proactively grow sales
  • Hands-on approach led by a dedicated Success Manager providing performance analysis and advice

Streamlined merchant experience for seamless global expansion:

  • Streamlined global operations and logistics, including shipping, returns and import processing
  • Full compliance with country restrictions, local regulations, and tax & duties
  • Payment optimization for higher international acceptance rates
  • State-of-the-art AI based international payments fraud prevention

Fully managed single integration process, led by a dedicated project manager

  • Global-e is Shopify’s exclusive end-to-end cross-border ecommerce selected

Your brand’s mobile growth starts today.