Endless Design Possibilities     Endless Design Possibilities     Endless Design Possibilities     Endless Design Possibilities

Build with speed

With Tapcart’s intuitive drag-and-drop builder, your mobile app will quickly go from ideation to a driver of retention and revenue. Attract your most valuable customers with a convenient shopping experience, intuitive navigation, and ease of checkout.

Powerful for complex storefronts

Build with Tapcart's Custom Blocks made for developing custom screens and shopping experiences in your app. Incorporate key features like store locators, product recommendations, embedded media and more through HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Automation for higher conversion

An extension of your Shopify store, your mobile app syncs in real-time your brand’s images, design themes, and inventory. Schedule campaigns for different product releases and announcements to boost engagement and conversion.

Tailor your customer journey

Use Custom Blocks to bring third-party integrations from your Shopify store into your mobile app experience. Or, view the integrations Tapcart supports natively.

Revenue Per Session

“Tapcart’s App Studio is a groundbreaking feature that simplifies app customizations with its drag-and-drop builder. We’re able to effortlessly align our app to our brand’s look and feel and create a polished, native-like experience.”

Jim Reu,
Ecommerce Manager
Conversion Rate

“With its streamlined functionality, it saves valuable time for my team and enhances the end-user experience by always having fresh and up to date app content. Doing brand promotions and product launches has never been easier to manage with App Studio!"

Hanna Houglum
Vice President
Tapcart is the #2 overall sales channel for this industry vertical

“App Studio is very user friendly and easy to navigate. My Tapcart customer service rep is always available to help me out with an issue (and responds so quickly!). We also have access to Tapcart's design team and I had them recently do an app refresh for me - so nice that I could pass this off to the team and it looks great!”

Kate Garman
Marketing Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

How does using App Studio differ by Tapcart plan?

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All plans include App Studio but the number of blocks you can design with your app varies by Tapcart plan. Tapcart's Core plan offers up to 15 blocks and Ultimate & Enterprise both offer an unlimited amount of design blocks.

How can I customize my menu navigation?

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In the App Studio dropdown, select the “Navigation” option. Next, select either a side navigation or bottom navigation option. You can always toggle between these two configurations and also customize which icons are displayed on the screen. 

How can I add a Custom Block?

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Read more about how to use Custom Blocks on our Custom Blocks page. You can also read through our developer documentation on how to get started with Custom Blocks.

How do I create a theme for my app?

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Head over to App design and select “Brand Kit” in the dashboard. From there you can implement many customization options to different elements. Read more in our help center.

How can I update and create collections?

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Integrate all of your products and collections from your Shopify store to your Tapcart mobile app. Go to the Shopify Dashboard, select "Products" and click on the product you want to hide. From here, use the "Sales Channels" tab in the top right corner. Select the "Manage" button and check the "Tapcart - Mobile App" box to add the product to the app or uncheck the "Tapcart - Mobile App" box to remove the product from the app.

 Endless Design Possibilities     Endless Design Possibilities     Endless Design Possibilities     Endless Design Possibilities

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