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Connect with your VIP customers in real-time

Advertise on the most exclusive piece of real estate—your customers' lock screens. With the highest deliverability of any channel and a click through rate (CTR) 7x that of email, you’ll drive immediate traffic and sales from customers that actually want to hear from you.

Leverage your owned marketing channel

Mobile apps powered by Tapcart allow you to own your audience reach and connect as often as you wish. Engage your customers and drive repeat traffic with 2-3x lift in session frequency.

Lean into your brand look and feel

Tapcart offers dynamic push notifications that let you engage with your customers in your own brand voice and feel. Use all the gifs, custom images, and deep-linking you want to let your brand be itself.

Craft new message copy with TapAI

When you want help developing new message copy, use the power of AI. With TapAI, you can set your desired message tone, related product SKU and goal of message, then sit back and watch TapAI suggest catchy, on-brand push notification copy.

Push Notification Conversion

“The biggest use case for us is the Push Notifications for sales and it’s obviously huge in customer retention. Our AOV is $8 or $9 higher than our other sales channels and we’re pretty intentional about trying to push people into our mobile app. Out at the events we’re doing little things where it's a get a free tote bag if you show us you have the mobile app. We know that it drives more revenue from mobile app users and that's really big for us.”

Curtis Ulrich,
Director of eCommerce
Push Notification Conversion

“It’s really hard to stay in the customer space and Tapcart does all that work for you. Push notifications are a huge driver. We didn't have that luxury in the past, but now we're in front of the customer whenever we want, and aren’t spending anything to be there."

Oday Alyatim,
Co-Founder & CEO
Overall Push Notification Opt-in Rate

“Having push notifications makes access to your consumer really easy. And we can do a deep dive on push notification analytics through Tapcart. To me, that’s golden. When we know that our app partner can tell us what’s happening on the analytics side, it makes our business — and our lives — much, much easier.”

Shahil Maharah,
Director of Ecommerce

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access Tapcart’s native push functionality?

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Unlimited scheduled push notifications can be sent in Tapcart’s Core plan. Unlimited scheduled & automated push notifications are available to all Enterprise and Ultimate plans. TapAI is also available in both Ultimate and Enterprise plan.

How often do notifications go out per campaign?

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  • Abandoned cart notifications will go out to end users once every 10 days that they qualify for abandoned cart.
  • Welcome push goes out every time the user opts-in. If they uninstall and reinstall and then opt-in again, it will be sent each time.
  • Post-purchase notification goes out every time a user makes a purchase
  • Customer Winback notification goes out when a user made a purchase but has not recently re-purchased

What types of automated push notifications can I send?

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Tapcart allows you to send automated push notifications triggered by your customers’ shopping behavior and preferences. Right now Tapcart offers welcome, abandoned cart, post-purchase, and customer winback campaigns for customers on Ultimate and Enterprise plans. You can also customize the delay of each automated push to optimize for your needs.

Can I still use Klaviyo and other partners in addition to Tapcart’s native push?

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Yes, Tapcart and Klaviyo work well together and you can learn more about the integration here.

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