February 21, 2022

Increase Your Shopify Sales with a Mobile App

Tapcart's mobile eCommerce app builder helps increase Shopify store sales through better reach, engagement, conversion, and customer retention. Here’s how.

Gabby Wooden

Senior Content Marketing Manager

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We're not going to beat around the bush: mobile apps are a critical component of your omnichannel mix. Not only is it a marketing channel—where you can send free, unlimited push notifications to an audience of subscribers, but it is also a sales channel optimized specifically to convert on mobile. But before we dive into why having a dual sales-marketing channel is more critical now than ever, we have to break down exactly why Shopify stores need a mobile app—more specifically, a mobile app powered by Tapcart. Long story short? Tapcart's mobile apps help increase Shopify sales through better reach, engagement, conversion and customer retention. There's a lotta weight behind those buzzwords, and in this article, we are going to break down how it all works and how Tapcart can help your store earn more cold-hard cash—month over month.

increase shopify sales via a mobile ecommerce app

1. Tapcart gives you the ability to actually reach your audience.

Many Shopify brands are struggling to reach their audience for two main reasons:

  • They compete for their shopper's attention in incredible inundated channels.
  • They over-rely on third-party advertisers like Facebook and Instagram

Now more than ever, Shopify brands depend on these ads to drive traffic and revenue. Leveraging paid ads is a major component of eCommerce acquisition strategies (getting new shoppers who haven't purchased before) and retention strategies (getting folks who have previously made a purchase back to their store). However, in Shopify's 2022 The Future of Commerce report, we learned that third-party cookies are phasing-out, and advertising conversion rates continue to plummet, with cost-per-click increasing by 15% in just one quarter alone last year.  

Tapcart is the less expensive solution to retargeting your customers and doesn't depend on highly-targeted, data-reliant advertising. Instead of spending a ton of money on your Facebook and Instagram Ad campaigns to get previous shoppers back to your store, use push notifications.

Push notifications are free to send, they have guaranteed visibility, and they stand out from the clutter by occupying your shopper's mobile home screens, resulting in increased repeat purchase rates. Oh, and the best part? They don't depend on an algorithm for exposure, cost a fortune to spend, or rise in cost. 

Carl Rivera, VP of Shop at Shopify, says:

"As the world has moved online and as commerce has had its second renaissance, the side effect is that customer acquisition costs have risen to enormous levels. The clear solution for brands is to increase their repeat rates and increase customer lifetime value."

You shouldn't have to rely on third-party advertisers to reach your audience, and you shouldn't have to pay copious amounts to participate in a fickle pay-to-play game. When you turn your Shopify store into a mobile app, you gain access to an audience you actually own, where you can control who sees your message, when your message is sent and what your message says.

mobile apps increase customer engagement

2. Tapcart helps you engage your people.

A mobile app can help you attract your audience with content that connects with them. Genuinely engaging customers is a struggle for many Shopify brands. More and more brands are seeing one-stop shoppers, but they struggle to reengage them and secure their brand loyalty. With push notifications, you can engage those customers and remain top of mind by courting them with creative messages that resonate with them. From announcing flash app sales, promo codes, and app-only exclusives or promotions, to simply announcing what's new on your site. In the short term, engaging your customers can translate to immediate sales; in the long term, it translates to greater brand loyalty and a sense of shared values. 

According to Shopify's survey in conjunction with Accenture, fifty-two percent of global shoppers are more likely to purchase from a company with shared values. 

Take it from Shopify (source: 2022 Future of Commerce Industry Report):

Brands should focus on customer retention and lifetime value, especially as advertising costs and uncertainty continue to climb. Prepare to invest more in your customer experience, and build a community that keeps customers coming back.
increase conversion rates

3. Tapcart helps your brand convert at a higher rate than your mobile website.

2.3x higher, to be exact. We found evidence that for many e-commerce brands, most website traffic is coming from mobile. Yet, conversions on mobile don't proportionally reflect the amount of traffic these stores are seeing. That is to say, for the amount of traffic coming in, conversions should be way higher. And the reason that they are not high is that Shopify's websites, while "mobile-friendly, are not optimized for mobile (i.e., "mobile-first").

With a mobile app, shoppers have a mobile experience that includes elements like load-free shopping, one-click checkout, and the ability to showcase products and content with engaging features, including videos, lookbooks, tutorials, recipes, and more. Alleviating friction, making shopping more accessible and engaging, and giving a space for your brand to thrive all translates to a premium experience geared toward top shoppers and converting browsers into "it's me again" buyers. Like Shopify said, [In 2022], prepare to invest more in your customer experience and build a community that keeps customers coming back."

increase customer retention

4. Tapcart helps retain your customers for the long run.

We saved the best for last. Hands-down, increasing retention is the most significant benefit that Tapcart offers our merchants. Everything mentioned in this article results in higher retention rates. Remaining top of mind and occupying prime real estate translates into repeat purchases and increased customer loyalty.

In Shopify's Ultimate Guide to Customer Loyalty 2022, Tim Parkin, President of Parkin Consulting, notes, "One of the easiest ways to build customer loyalty is to make it easy to do business with you. I call this customer proximity—whoever is closest to the customer wins. The more you can surround the customer, the more loyalty you can develop."

The more your customers identify with your brand identity and values, and the more seamless their shopping experience is with you, the higher their customer lifetime value (CLV) becomes. 

Take it from Shopify:

According to our survey, fifty-two percent of global shoppers are more likely to purchase from a company with shared values. Given this, brands should focus on customer retention and lifetime value, especially as advertising costs and uncertainty continue to climb. Prepare to invest more in your customer experience and build a community that keeps customers coming back.

Interested in exploring if a mobile app is right for your Shopify brand? Get a walkthrough with one of our experts and get a free trial of the Tapcart platform, or visit us in the Shopify App Store to get started today. 

Your brand’s mobile growth starts today.