Why Enroll Your Shopify Store in The Apple Developer Program

Think a mobile app may be in the cards for your Shopify store's future? Here's why it's super important to reserve your brand name on the app store.

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OverviewTapcart’s Tech Partner Program is designed to expand our ecosystem of partners, encourage partner-led extensibility

Protecting your eCommerce brand across various marketing channels is super important. Most people understand the value of locking down social media handles. But what people may not know, is that it is also a best practice to reserve your brand name on the App Store – whether you have a mobile app or not.

The Apple Developer Program gives you access to multiple Apple platforms like the Apple App Store, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and MacBook operating systems. With billions of active consumers browsing these platforms, it can be a very lucrative channel.

Enrolling in the Apple Developer Program to maintain brand equity within the Apple ecosystem is super easy to do and invaluable to your brand. By being enrolled, your company maintains its brand rights and trademark protection across all Apple platforms. This means that if any 3rd party attempts to use your brand name for any commercial reason, they will immediately be taken down by Apple.

Other benefits that come with the Apple Developer program include:

  • •The ability to publish apps on the Apple App Store
  • •Access to beta builds of iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS
  • •Access to app extensions like Apple Pay, Maps, and more
  • •Access to Apple Store Connect's App Analytics program

Maintaining a membership to the Apple Developer program is just $99 annually. This is a small investment in comparison to the value you are getting by accessing an evergrowing number of users on mobile devices. This is not only a marketing channel but an owned sales channel should you decide to launch a mobile app.

To learn more about the benefits of a mobile app and the Tapcart platform, get in touch with us. If you are interested in expanding to the App Stores, our team of mobile experts can help you enroll in the Apple Developer program.

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