Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2024: The Perfect Gift for Everyone

Calling all situationships, soulmates, and selves! This Gift Guide is jam-packed with suggestions for literally every type of Valentine. Whether you're looking for inspiration to spread the love or want to send this to your partner to drop a hint, we hope you love it. 🫶

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With Valentine’s Day coming up, now’s the perfect time to plan thoughtful gifts for your partners, platonic pals, or even indulge in a bit of self-love. I’ve curated a list of 25 suggestions for literally every type of Valentine, from the little luxuries to thoughtful tokens… we got you. 

Here at Tapcart, we dive deep into the DTC world every day. As a mobile commerce platform connecting Shopify Plus merchants with iOS and Android, Tapcart helps brand owners and operators strengthen their brands’ relationships with shoppers. But it doesn’t stop there — while we work with the top Shopify merchants on the daily, helping them reach their business goals, we are also avid shoppers ourselves! As a 28-year-old gal living in NYC, I must say I do enjoy a bit of shopping. So for that reason, I think I have some expertise on this subject matter and have taken it upon myself to create this comprehensive Valentine’s Day Guide that no one actually asked for. You’re welcome. 

So without further ado, grab your favorite beverage (we recommend a lime HOP WTR), kick your feet up, and let’s scroll through to find something special! 

If anything intrigues you, I’ve conveniently included links to these ecommerce stores so you can gift your heart out and be the V-day hero without ever leaving your couch. 

For the Couples 

Hey there, lovebirds! It's all about celebrating the sweet connection you share, and we’ve curated gifts for every duo. Whether you're into romance, making memories, or just enjoying each other's company, there’s seriously something for everyone. Feel free to send this gift guide to your partner also to give them some inspiration!

For Him:

Because, let’s be honest, guys can always use a little fashion guidance. 

  • Buck Mason for a sophisticated style moment if he’s looking to level up
  • Cuts for perfect everyday basics
  • Elwood for the cozy, cool guy 
  • Bombas for fancy socks (think cashmere, high-performance athletic socks, or dress socks) that you know he won’t ball out and get himself but will appreciate
  • UNTUCKit for the perfect office shirt — you can even add a love note!

For Her:

Guys never know what to get girls because we’re particular. So, keep it simple. Jewelry it is. Timeless, classic, and romantic *chefs kiss*

  • Local Eclectic for special statement pieces, and the birthstone line is perfect to add a touch of personalization
  • Mejuri for perfect everyday pieces, this fine jewelry brand never misses, so make you don’t miss the V-Day Gift Guide
  • Ana Luisa for gorgeous and sustainable jewelry that’s as unique as she is, check out the Self-Love Sale
  • Heaven Mayhem for vintage-inspired statement pieces for the cool girl
  • Gorjana perfect for if you want to personalize your gift with an engraving

For Anyone

In this one, we cover all the bases depending on your partner’s interests! From cheffing up in the kitchen (the plan is that they’re cooking for you) to spending time together outdoors to feng shui-ing the home. The ultimate goal is that these gifts can bring you two closer.

For the Home Chefs & Foodies: 

  • Graza Olive Oil for must-have kitchen staples
  • OLIPOP for when you're in the mood for a fun bevvie — this one is like the modern soda (bonus points if you make it a subscription)
  • Momofuku for another iconic kitchen staple when you need to spice things up (if you haven’t tried their viral chili crunch oil, you’re missing out)
  • Vosges Chocolates for a sweet treat
  • Caraway Pans for a lovely kitchen investment that are non-stick & non-toxic (so long, PFAS!) 

For the Outdoorsy & Adventurer Folks: 

For the Plant Lovers: 

  • Arber your one-stop-shop for plant wellness kits
  • Rosy Soil for eco-friendly soil mixes for indoor plants by brand that fuses science and mission
  • Houseplant for ceramics designed by Seth Rogen that include smoking accessories and home objects
  • Garden Glory for the aesthetic gardening tools you didn’t know you need
  • Epic Gardening for making a green thumb in no time

For the Interior Designers: 

  • Brooklinen for new sheets and towels to upgrade your home sitch
  • Jungalow for bringing good vibes home with the gift of decor
  • Ruggable because we know how messy life gets, and since one rug pattern is simply not enough  
  • Burke Decor for those inspired by modern function, form, and design
  • Tekla for Copenhagen designed bedding, towels, and more — and the Gift Shop is the best place to start (this brand is currently a personal fav)

For the World Travelers:

  • Monos has a 20% discount this v-day to spread the love of travel (pro-tip: the packing cubes are game changers)
  • BÉIS for the Weekender bag that I see all over the airport for a reason 
  • LANEIGE for the cult-favorite lip sleeping mask to elevate your flight
  • Slip the Frequent Flyer Travel set is literally the perfect travel companion
  • Topo Designs for durable and beautifully designed backpacks

For Yourself 

Embrace the spirit of self-love and treat yoself with our curated collection of gifts designed to celebrate you. This selection focuses on the importance of self-care by embracing your individuality and nourishing your well-being with the perfect health and wellness gifts. This can be motivation to continue your vitality journey in the most meaningful way because prioritizing your well-being is a gift that keeps on giving.

  • AG1 the most convenient way to get in all your greens and supplements, not to mention it's delicious
  • Moon Juice whether you need more energy, more sleep, or better hair, this all-natural and sustainable women-founded brand has you covered 
  • Skims just dropped the Valentine’s Shop with the cutest loungewear to chill out with a tea and face mask 
  • Alo Yoga for luxurious athleisure, workout gear, and accessories, oh my! All buttery to the touch and breathable fabric too 
  • Mud Wtr for an awesome coffee alternative with adaptogens (bonus points if you make it a subscription)
  • Face Theory for vegan skincare because we love to look good and keep animals safe too

For Friends

Galentines is most definitely a holiday, and here are some top picks to give to your besties.

We've handpicked a selection of gifts to celebrate the amazing friendships that light up your world. So, if you're planning a get-together with your girl gang, we've got just the thing. 

  • Boy Smells Candles you can literally never go wrong with a candle
  • Baggu the perfect utilitarian gift from laptop and sunglasses cases to a new everyday bag 
  • Emi Jay what better way to say ‘I love you’, than guaranteeing great hair days? Their Big Effing Clip is the best claw clip I’ve ever tried, and it comes in so many colorways!
  • Inkbox Tattoos for matching bestie tattoos but with less pain
  • Wildflower for a new phone case for every mood 

It's worth noting that each recommendation is conveniently available through various ecommerce stores. At Tapcart, we understand the importance of seamless online shopping experiences, and that's precisely what these curated selects offer. 

Cheers to love and thoughtful gestures!

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