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Kaged's app cultivates community and boasts a 4.5x higher CVR vs mobile web

Kaged's app cultivates community and boasts a 4.5x higher CVR vs mobile web


higher conversion in app vs. desktop 


app user retention


higher average order value (AOV) for app customers

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About the brand  

Kaged is the go-to brand for legit-clean, goal-crushing supplements that don’t cut corners.

If you haven’t heard of Kaged, you’re probably not looking around the gym—or social media—close enough. The brand’s best-selling line of elite supplements features no-nonsense, fully-dosed formulas that are as clean and transparent as they are proven and effective. Best-selling products include a hydration and antioxidant support blend, a muscle-building powder, and an organic daily green supplement. And, no matter where you are in your fitness journey, Kaged makes it easy to pick out the best products for your body. 

Kaged’s customers include tons of repeat buyers, and the brand maintains a subscription service and a loyalty program to drive that success. But even these revenue-generating programs are designed around the shoppers’ fitness goals. Every step of the way, Kaged keeps its customers connected to their personal goals and the successes of everyone else in the Kaged community. These efforts make Kaged not just a brand but a lifestyle—and it’s that kind of brand-building that drives shoppers straight toward Kaged’s LTV-boosting mobile app.

Recently, Tapcart had the chance to sit down with Shray Joshi, Kaged’s VP of Marketing.

The challenge

Kaged wanted a clean, branded app experience that let its best customers shop quickly, explore new products, and connect with the Kaged community.

Right off the bat, Kaged knew it didn’t want its mobile app to do every single thing its website did. Instead, the brand wanted an app built specifically for its “hardcore consumers”—the kinds of customers that are going to stick around for life. 

Kaged wanted these VIP customers to use the app to:

  1. Buy products in a flash.
  2. Get information about other products and regimens in a clean, consolidated, on-brand way.
  3. Engage with transformation stories, fitness challenges, product reviews, and official updates from the brand, including tips and tricks, original video content, upcoming product launches, and more. 

Yes, the app needed to be a snappy, easy-to-use mobile store. But just as importantly, the app needed to help Kaged’s most important content reach its most valuable customers on a focused, dedicated platform that fostered community and loyalty.

“Tapcart's software did a really good job to make our app reminiscent of our homepage. It allows for a super easy shopping experience and the integrations are insane. The content is based on fitness goals and objectives also.”
Shray Joshi

The solution

With Tapcart’s help, Kaged built the app of its dreams—and its best customers came along for the ride.

When Kaged began creating a mobile app for its Shopify store, Tapcart was able to set up the interface to match Kaged’s website’s look and feel. 

Once the app was up and running, Kaged made sure its customers knew about the platform. The company offers $10 off shoppers’ first or next purchase via the app, and it also includes casual messaging that reminds customers that the Kaged app is the place to get early access to new products, exclusive discounts and content, and more. This, of course, isn’t just good for revenue but for brand-building. If community building—and turning casual customers into lifelong VIPs with awesome LTV—happens on the app, then the more shoppers who download and use the app, the better. 

“The LTV of the users that buy and use the app is through the roof.”
Shray Joshi

The results

Kaged’s app has become the ultimate space for the brand’s VIP customers.

Kaged turned to Tapcart for help creating a platform that would not only create satisfying, useful experiences for its best customers but also build its brand and give its most impactful content another great place to live. In fact, they see a 97.5% app user retention within the app. So far, so good on all fronts.  

For starters, the app is lightning-fast, especially when it comes to checking out. 

“We have a higher LTV on the app because we see that basket sizes are larger every single time someone enters the app. Tapcart's platform allows customers to buy in a couple clicks. It's super fast.”
Shray Joshi

But Kaged didn’t build an app just to sell products. And that’s why the brand is hesitant to bombard app users with too many push notifications. Instead, the company focuses on user experience and in-app storytelling to turn app customers into VIPs who know as much about Kaged as those who work there. The Kaged team sees a 135.36% ROI for every dollar spent on their Tapcart Enterprise plan. Ultimately, they find that investing in an app is a low-lift effort on their team internally, and has a valuable impact to their bottom line.

In other words, Kaged knows its app customers are already listening, so the company’s marketing team is very deliberate about what it chooses to say. 

“We look at [the app] as one of those like mixed channels where we know the open rate's going to be insanely high. And we also know that Tapcart allows a lot of really dynamic, creative content on there. And so we just take advantage of that as much as we can.”
Shray Joshi

Long story short? Everything Kaged does is about retention. After all, it’s where brand-building and revenue connect, it’s what Kaged built the app to cultivate, and it’s why the company curates the app the way it does.

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