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Reason Launched a Mobile App for Black Friday.

The result? 7.5x higher orders per session

Reason Launched a Mobile App for Black Friday. The result? 7.5x higher orders per session


more orders in app vs desktop + mobile web


higher average order value in app vs desktop + mobile web


increase in overall BFCM revenue

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Started in a dorm room in 2006 by two high school friends, Reason Clothing is a NYC-based streetwear company committed to producing independent, quality clothing for humans everywhere. Today, their brand’s coveted limited drops can be found at top retailers worldwide, anchored by their DTC ecommerce channel. For a business that started in a dorm room, Reason exemplifies how staying nimble, well-versed, and adaptable to a highly reactive environment can result in being a thriving cultural instigator.


Leveraging the busiest shopping time of the year

Black Friday. Cyber Monday. It’s the Olympics of retail, and even more so online, where a competitive landscape is oversaturated with digital ads and emails all vying for attention. It was leading up to peak season when Reason started looking for new opportunities to amplify their sales in ways that positioned them above the noise and resonated with their customers — and they happened upon Tapcart right before Black Friday.

“We were always looking to enhance our ecommerce strategy and be able to communicate directly with our customers. We thought Black Friday would be a perfect time to launch a mobile app and give people early access to our sales and drops, rewarding customers with exclusives and special promos.”
Rob Farella
Associate Director of Marketing


Like having real estate on someone’s phone

Aaaand in a few short strokes, they launched. “Honestly, we got our app set up in a few days and we were up and running.” A mobile app allowed Reason to capitalize on owning dedicated “real estate” on people’s phones, where customers don’t need to click through multiple steps to find the brand — they’re already there and easy to re-engage whenever the need sparks. So, instead of deleting emails, scrolling past ads, or ignoring SMS messages from a random number, people see push notifications as a legitimate invitation that inspires urgency and desire. Kinda like having a supremely effective billboard in someone’s pocket, 24/7.

Having a mobile app is 1+1=3

While business stakes are high during the holiday shopping season, Reason had zero concerns about launching a mobile app. “We see it as an addition, not a replacement, to our web store. You can’t just have one or the other. We weren’t worried about diluting attention away from the website because they work in sync.” Because they positioned their app as a new, additional marketing strategy during Black Friday, they didn’t simply replace their sales goals with another one. Instead, the cumulative effect was that their conversion rate increased by 41%.

“If you don’t have an app, you’re missing out on a whole wave of people who are interested in shopping with you. A mobile app provides you with a whole new additional sales channel to utilize and reach your customers directly. It’s a need-to-have, especially for brands in the ecommerce space.” Rob Farella
Associate Director of Marketing

Features that matter

Reason saw “a flood of people coming in” to take advantage of deals they shared through push notifications, but they also came to rely on statistics to stay nimble and provocative, traits that are endemic to the brand’s DNA and that their loyal customers have come to expect. Rob especially loves being able to see when the app is both the most and least active, running promotions to maximize those times, or sending push notifications when activity is slow to generate new interest. Since their app launched, they saw a 42% increase of revenue overall in the first year and 32% increase overall the following year. By the second year's BFCM sales, the revenue lifted 56%.

“I love that you can set up your push notifications ahead of time — it’s one of my favorite features, and it’s so, so easy.” 
Rob Farella
Associate Director of Marketing


Better—not bigger—results

Not all mobile apps are built the same. Tapcart’s proven features, integrations, and partnership allows for a seamless efficiency that translates to not only a significant increase in sales, but customer loyalty as well. Rob says, “People love having our app. Our user base has grown significantly in the last year, and people stay on it and continue to shop there.” And while they’ve gained 1,790 new customers, they’ve also been retaining customers by 40% without the need for expensive retargeting ads. Plus, their app now has order-per-session amount that is 7.5x larger than on mobile.

“We treat our core customers with app exclusives like early access to Black Friday sales — which they love — and they end up having a seamless, effective experience. We love seeing people shop on their phones through the app. That’s important to us, giving our customers the best experience possible.” 
Rob Farella
Associate Director of Marketing 

Same. We’re passionate about making it as easy as possible for brands to have impactful mobile apps and make dramatic increases in revenue, conversion, and retention without breaking a sweat.

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