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ZOX sees a 40% repeat customer rate through its mobile app

ZOX sees a 40% repeat customer rate through its mobile app


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About the Brand

ZOX began back in 2010 when Jason, the oldest of three brothers, started to create wristbands to match his sneakers. When Jason showed off the wristbands to his brothers, a family business was born. A decade later, ZOX has turned into a global movement with their uplifting and inspirational bands.

ZOX works with independent artists around the world to help spread messages of positivity. The wristbands are considered collectibles as each one is numbered and never reproduced. ZOX also uses their voice to bring people together through philanthropy. Their mission is to change the world with kind words you can wear and share.


The Challenge

The ZOX team always knew they wanted to sell direct-to-consumer. They rely heavily on direct engagement with their community. Their bracelets are built around time-sensitive limited collaborations so they needed a way to let people instantly access new releases.

Social media and email marketing were too saturated and SMS marketing wasn’t efficient either. They found that there was no way to effectively send text messages to a large audience. “It would take 5 hours to get to the whole list through SMS marketing, now we can send push notifications in 5 seconds.”


The Solution

After evaluating several different app builders, the ZOX team chose Tapcart for its simplicity of use. They mentioned getting started with the Tapcart platform couldn’t have been easier as the design tools were very intuitive. In fact, they were skeptical on how easy it was to build out!

When they did release the app to their customers, many thought they spent months on it. In reality, it only took them a day to build it out from start to finish.


The Result

Their mobile app is home to 80% of their loyal customer base and according to reviews, customers absolutely love it. They especially love the seamless checkout experience where they can complete their checkout in under 15 seconds. In addition, the mobile app saves the checkout process if someone exits out of the app or their phone dies. This reduced friction makes it super easy for ZOX to deliver the best possible shopping experience on mobile.

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