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Nnenna Stella
The Wrap Life

“When I started the Wrap Life, my intention was to make beautiful products while having the freedom to choose how I worked and showed up daily. Today, my vision is to be the world’s most inclusive hair accessory brand offering products that are beautiful, functional, and intentionally designed. It’s my belief that big statements push you into new territories where you can discover more of what’s possible.”

What's inside

Unlock revenue potential and keep customers coming back with expert insights. Get effective tips such as A/B testing for upsells and cross-sells (inspired by Moon Juice's +131% add-on revenue increase) and Klaviyo's quick actions (as seen with Beekeeper’s Naturals which led to a 63% surge in monthly subscription revenue).

Gina Perrelli
Co-founder and CEO at Stay Ai

Subscriber Retention Aftercare

More about GINA

Gina Perrelli

Gina is the co-founder and CEO at Stay Ai, which turns your subscription program into a performance marketing channel. Gina’s a Swiss army knife for helping clients acquire new subscribers, increase average order values, and deliver an incredible subscriber experience.

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Jess Cervellon
Fractional CMO

Trends for Personalizing Your CX to Drive Growth

More about JESS

Jess Cervellon

Jess is a Fractional CMO and previously the VP of Customer Experience at Feastables. With over a decade of experience, she's changing the marketing game by hyper focusing on the customer's journey throughout the brand experience. She's helped a ton of SaaS and DTC companies build award-winning brands and go-to-market experiences.

1 M+
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Ron Shah
CEO of Obvi

Retention Marketing is More Than Just SMS and Email

More about RON

Ron Shah

Ron is the CEO of Obvi, EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2022, and a co-host of Chew On This podcast. With over a decade of experience in accounting, finance, and ecommerce, he has successfully completed enterprise-scale projects involving technology conversions, re-branding, custom CRM development, report design, and release management.

As CEO of Obvi, the brand has been featured on Inc. 22 High Achievers of 2022 and has grown rapidly since its launch in 2019, thanks to its customer-centric approach to product development, marketing, and community building.
Eli Weiss
VP of Retention Advocacy at Yotpo

How CX Can Seriously Boost LTV

More about Eli

Eil Weiss

Eli is the VP of Retention Advocacy at Yotpo, previously the Sr. Director of Customer Experience & Retention at Jones Road Beauty. With a decade-long experience in building and operating top DTC brands, like OLIPOP & Simulate, there's one thing he knows for sure: you have to put the customer first.

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Alexa Kilroy
Director of Marketing at FERMÀT

CX Hacks to Grow Community & Boost AOV

More about alexa

Alexa Kilroy

Alexa’s the Director of Marketing FERMÀT (previously at Stay Ai), and she helps brands and tech companies increase ROI with compelling marketing strategy, creative, copy, and branding. With five years in ecommerce, Alexa leads a team at Stay Ai, a cutting-edge subscription management platform focused on growth and performance.

Alexa unveils five solid strategies to elevate revenue by encouraging subscribers to expand their monthly orders or enticing former subscribers to return. She covers actionable insights to refine your retention strategy, provide an enhanced CX, and transition casual shoppers into a loyal VIP community.
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