November 2, 2022

Tap Tips: Top BFCM Discounts and App-Exclusives Strategies

Gabby Wooden

Senior Content Marketing Manager

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For Black Friday and Cyber Monday, most people are looking for a discount between 20-70% off. Now we know what you’re thinking, that’s a pretty broad range. So in this article, we will break down our top five recommendations regarding pricing strategies, discount ranges, and exclusive offers for BFCM. On average, online retailers will provide a discount amount of 35% on this BFCM; however, one out of five shoppers say it will take a discount of 50% to get them interested in shopping. Base of of your previous sale performance and discount offers, we suggest you provide discounts that will grab your customers attention and are in line with the average discount amount of 35%. Additionally, don’t offer blanket discounts for the duration of the holiday, as you likely wont be able to drive continued discounts. We recommend you leverage a combination of discount strategies to keep your BFCM ever-changing and incentivizing. Here are a few ideas on how you can keep your marketing and offers creative and impactful:

App Exclusive Dual Pricing Strategy

A dual pricing strategy is when you offer a product for a different, lower price when purchased on the app verses other means of shopping. Here’s how to technically execute this strategy on your Shopify store:

  • Create an app exclusive price using Shopify's dual pricing feature and sales channel assignment
  • Cline products you want to discount on the app
  • Update the clones “Compare at price” with the app-exclusive discounted price
  • Assign the clone to the Tapcart Sales Channel
  • Assign the original to the online store
  • Market the promotion in advance on your website, social media, email, and app design
  • Announce the start of the promotion through email, push notifications, and social media
  • Once the promotion is over, delete the cloned product and add the original back to the Tapcart Sales Channel

App Exclusive Discount Strategy

This strategy involves offering a promotional discount exclusively on the app. This is a powerful way to drive app downloads, which in the long run will increase the lifetime value of your customers. Aside from being an elevated shopping experience, apps offer unlimited push notifications which are 177% more likely to elicit a purchase compared to email, 159% more likely to elicit a purchase compared to digital ads, and 78% more likely to elicit a purchase compared to SMS. So, long story short, driving app downloads should be a chief strategic goal for your BFCM promotions—and app exclusive discounts are one of the most effective ways to do so.  To offer an exclusive discount, simply:

  • Use Tapcart’s app exclusive discount code script to power an app exclusive promotion. Note you do need Shopify Plus in order to execute this.
  • Create a discount code in Shopify for the promotion
  • Enter the discount code value in line 199 in the Script.rtf file
  • Paste the script into the script editor and only publish it to the Online Store
  • Market the promotion in advance on your website, social media, email, and app design
  • Announce the start of the promotion through email, push notifications, and social
  • Once the promotion is over, delete the script from the script editor

App Exclusive Product/Collection Release Strategy

An experimental strategy that Tapcart merchants have found a ton of success with is releasing a product or collection during the holiday rush exclusively on their app. Here’s how:

  • Design eye-catching banners to highlight the new product on the homepage
  • Market the exclusive release ahead of the drop to build demand
  • Announce the start of the promotion through email, push notifications, and social 
  • Use the promotion to drive app downloads & increase sales
  • For early access product drops, you can clone the app exclusive product and set aside specific inventory so if the product sells out on the app, you still have inventory set aside for web

Gift with Purchase

When you offer your shoppers a free gift with their purchase, you are further incentivising that conversion. Plus, if there is a cart minimum to be eligible for the gift, you can even increase your cart value. Here are some tactics we suggest:

  • Change your gifts throughout the holiday promotion. That way, repeat shoppers have new products to incentivize them to shop.
  • Provide various gift thresholds to attract customers that have a range of budgets.
  • Be sure to use push notifications to communicate any new or existing GWP promos.
  • *Keep in mind this feature is only available for Shopify Plus merchants

Promo Gamification

To “gamify” is to make a game out of your promotion. Puzzles, code words, trivia—you name it, customers love it. By adding a layer of fun and excitement to “unlocking” your sale, you can increase the likelihood of your promotion being redeemed. 

  • Use app design and social media to promote
  • Require customers to solve an easy crossword puzzle to unlock a discount code 
  • Use IG stories to communicate a partially complete discount code with the remaining values found in the app design or push notification

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