August 23, 2022

Introducing Insights Pro: Tapcart’s Expanded Analytics Dashboard, Now in Open Beta

Meet Insights Pro, an advanced analytics feature that you can add on to your Enterprise Tapcart subscription to help you gain a deeper understanding of your audience, how they engage with your app, and how your app is performing.

Alex Rosas

Marketing Manager at Tapcart

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The secret’s out—launching a mobile app is a surefire way to boost customer engagement, retention, and conversion. But as any marketer or ecommerce manager knows, the proof is in the data, and the data you can explore through Tapcart just got a whole lot more interesting.

Meet Insights Pro, an advanced analytics feature that you can add on to your Tapcart Enterprise plan to help you gain a deeper understanding of your audience, how they engage with your app, and how your app is performing. 

We hear a lot of talk around ROAS (return on ad spend), but what about the other ROAS, return on app spend?  Tapcart has proven to be a successful marketing and sales channel for thousands of brands, but it can be difficult to measure the ROI coming from your app. Every Tapcart subscription comes with insights into mobile app revenue, sessions, and traffic, but there’s much more to the story of your app. That’s why we built Insights Pro. 

With the all-new Insights Pro dashboard, you and your team can now uncover key metrics around app revenue, acquisition and retention, push notification performance, and the customer journey to get a crystal-clear picture of how your app is helping your business. 

“We built Insights Pro to give a holistic view of how your app is performing so you can deliver better customer experiences and drive more sales.”  - Ashley Aviram, Sr. Product Manager

Gain insights to help you improve your app experience 

Insights Pro is an extension of Tapcart’s built-in Insights dashboard. It provides more than 30 dynamic charts and graphs that help merchants understand every aspect of customers' behavior, from finding and installing the app, to making purchases, to becoming loyal returning customers. 

Eric Netsch, Tapcart’s CEO, once said, “With deeper insights comes more thoughtful engagement.” The more you know about your customers, the better you can cater the experience to them and drive more action. Insights Pro helps merchants:

  • Get answers to push notification performance: See the impact of push notifications and what messages convert, so you can maximize your push strategy and deliver better results. 
  • Know what works and drive more action: Understand what your customers are doing in-app with new insights into your conversion funnel, product views, and searches. Follow up with your customers on products they’ve engaged with to close the deal. 
  • Save time with all app data in one place: Spend less time tracking down data to understand your app ROI with all the key metrics right within Tapcart.  

Insights Pro is available now available in open beta as an add-on to your Enterprise Tapcart subscription—visit the Insights section of your dashboard to learn more. New to the power of mobile apps to transform your marketing and sales strategy? Get in touch to schedule a demo. 

Stay tuned for more on Insights Pro and how our customers are using it to drive better results for their businesses.

*Are you a Core/Ultimate customer interested in Insights Pro? Contact customer support for more information on eligibility.

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