The Making of Tapcart Academy

The creators of Tapcart Academy dish on why they created this dynamic video series—and what’s in store for the future.

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OverviewTapcart’s Tech Partner Program is designed to expand our ecosystem of partners, encourage partner-led extensibility

Here ye, here ye! Tapcart Academy is our debut video series that teaches folks how to design and launch a mobile app. It was a labor of love that started back in the wee days of 2022. The team had a BIG idea: instead of creating readable guides, what if we created…wait for it—watchable guides. And so, Tapcart Academy was born! From conducting internal polls on what to call the series (Tapcart University just felt too… intense) to goofing off while filming, our team had a ton of fun producing and creating this awesome, extensive, and ever-growing video series. In this article, we dug around to uncover what the process was like to create Tapcart Academy—and the heart behind why we did it. 

Where did the idea start to create Tapcart Academy? What value does it bring to the Tapcart audience?

Nicolette, Customer Community Manager:

We love empowering brands to grow, collaborate on and develop HYPE for their communities within the mobile eCommerce space. By completing different modules within Tapcart Academy, merchants will be given all the tools and strategies to make their mobile app successful and build their brand community. In addition, the Inspiration Hub is a space for Tapcart merchants and prospective customers to look into what leading brands are doing to accelerate growth and create an optimal experience for their users. Specifically, we want merchants to use the inspo hub to get ideas for unique app designs, flash sales, engaging with their push subscribers, and more!

Bobby, SVP of Customer and People Success:  

We obsess about the success of our customers. Over the years, we have compiled a ton of best practices that always lead to success. We typically share these best practices in a one on one fashion with our customers as we speak to them. We just wanted to make this secret sauce LOUDER! We essentially wanted to create a masterclass-style academy so everyone could learn from the best and grow their brand.    

How did the videos come to life? What was the production process like?

Gabby, Senior Content Marketing Manager:

Nicolette and the team worked with an agency called Co-Efficient Labs to create the initial drafts of the script. It was my job to go through them and inject some humor and personality to bring our Tapcart identity forward. I knew I wanted Cole's character to be funny and off-beat because, well, Cole is funny and off-beat. He was supernatural behind the camera and really delivered my vision of how his lines would come to life.

Cole, Enterprise Account Manager:

 I had just finished a shoot in Fiji, so I was comin' off of that. My agent had the Tapcart gig ready. When I showed up, the team was super professional, and Nicolette was running a tight ship. The flexibility was great, and the team made it an easy, fun shoot. 

Tapcart Academy is live, but there's still much more content to come. Can you give us an idea of what TA will have in store for the future?

Jeremy, Director of Onboarding and Operations:

The Tapcart team is fortunate enough to be in constant communication with some of the world's best and most forward-thinking eCommerce brands. Their expertise, along with Tapcart's knowledge of the mobile app space, is something we wanted to bottle up and share with the world. Hence, Tapcart Academy! Our goal is to empower brands that want a mobile app to understand how easy it can be and to have massive success in solidifying and growing their customer base through an owned and optimal shopping experience.

And there you have it, folks: The Making of Tapcart Academy! Don't have a mobile app, but a step-by-step video series was exactly what you needed to nudge you over the edge. Book a walkthrough of our product with a mobile expert, and we can get you suited for a mobile app in no time. In the meanwhile, get your Tapcart Academy on here.

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