Build Mobile App Revenue by Following These Six Data Metrics

With Insights, Tapcart's data analytics dashboard, you can better understand your mobile app performance and improve your overall revenue.

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Let’s be honest: without data, you’re operating in a vacuum. But data isn’t always the easiest to get or even understand for that matter. With difficult interfaces, filters, and reports, analytics integrations aren’t exactly a warm hug on a cold morning—and when you need a quick start fast, those integrations are the last place you want to sift and filter through.

That’s why we created Insights, an all-in-one analytics toolkit built right into your Dashboard. With Insights, you can cut straight to the chase and follow the money, by tracking things like sales, sessions, retention, app revenue, and activity all in one centralized hub. These stats can largely inform your next business move, from when to release your product launch to how to shape your marketing strategy.

So without further ado, here are the most important metrics you can measure with Insights—and how you can use them to inform your next move.

1. Mobile App Revenue:

The total of in-app sales.

Choose your date range to see how much money your app has made in a given time frame. You can manipulate the data by time ranges and filter to view the data in years, weeks, days, or hours. Use this metric to not only report on your bottom line but to make key strategic future decisions. Have a flash sale? Filter the dates to see how your app performed during the sale. Based on if you met your goals or not, you can shift your strategy to accommodate your learnings. This can help you laser in on your future sales strategy.

2. Retention:

The ratio of returning sessions to new sessions.

Measure retention based on app sessions. Visualize all of your new and returning session data during a specific date range. Spot trends and gauge the effectiveness of marketing initiatives to get customers back into your app. The right balance for this should depend on the stage of growth your business is in.

3. App Sessions:

The number of sessions on the app.

Measure the total number of all your app sessions to understand how often your customers are using your app. You can filter this data by a given time frame and view the sessions by source, whether the customer entered the app through a direct tap, push notification, or deep-link.

4. New App Sessions:

The number of new sessions.

With this metric, you can view how many new shoppers have downloaded your app, track new user acquisition to analyze your mobile growth, and even compare your date range to understand when and why people choose to download your app. Use these insights to gauge whether or not your app’s network of users is growing over time, and help you set a strategy to keep your new users growing. You can also compare date ranges of specific marketing campaigns to determine what has worked best for you, so you can lean into and amplify promising strategies.

5. App Activity:

A granular heatmap of app usage.

Get a glimpse of the most popular times that your customers are using your app. Analyzing this mobile activity data to help strengthen your overall mobile strategy to pinpoint the best time for engagement. Are your users most likely to be looking at your app half asleep on Monday morning? Bingo—that’s the time to trigger a push notification to help skyrocket your conversion and retention rates.

6. Sessions by Device Type:

App sessions categorized by iOS or Android.

Understand which mobile devices your customers are using. These insights can help channelize your budget better as you can tailor your ad messaging by device type—and can even help you personalize your push notifications accordingly.

These six metrics are key to scaling, testing, and optimizing your app, and when analyzed before defining your strategy, you immediately position your initiative toward success—and can witness your app's performance in real-time. The best part is, it’s only the beginning. We’re already imagining the next iteration of Insights to continue to bring more data to light.

“Tapcart Insights is the first step in a flourishing initiative to bring advanced data and analytics from our mobile apps to our merchants. The new Insights Dashboard democratizes the complex landscape of ecommerce data for our merchants and delivers qualitative insights so that they can finally employ a data-driven strategy on mobile. This product is in line with Tapcart’s mission to become a fully-featured mobile suite, and Insights has laid the foundation. Next, we’ll build the future of automation, personalizations, and machine learning - all for mobile.”
Parth Thakkar - Product Manager

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