Tapcart Launches Agency Partner Program: Collaboration Reimagined

Become the next mobile commerce expert and join Tapcart’s new Agency Partner Program. This program will take your agency to the next level and empower your clients with the leading industry mcommerce solution.

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OverviewTapcart’s Tech Partner Program is designed to expand our ecosystem of partners, encourage partner-led extensibility

In the dynamic world of ecommerce, partnerships are the cornerstone of success. At Tapcart, we believe in earning the right to partner through proactive actions and a steadfast commitment to nurturing our relationships. That’s why we're thrilled to unveil our latest initiative to supercharge our collaboration with agency partners—the Tapcart Agency Partner Program. This innovative program is not only set to transform how we work with our partners, but also promises to provide tangible benefits for our merchants. We're excited to embark on this new chapter in our journey, furthering our commitment to empowering merchants and revolutionizing mobile commerce.

This isn't just another program; it's a game-changer in how Tapcart collaborates with our agency partners. This new program signifies a strategic shift towards deeper, more impactful partnerships grounded in commitment, empowerment, and excellence.

So, what sets this new program apart? Let's dive into the key elements that make this initiative a game-changer for both Tapcart and agency partners.

Empowering partners of all sizes through tiering

Tapcart is excited to introduce an innovative tiering system within the new program. This tiered approach, consisting of Elite, Preferred, and Core tiers, is designed to provide partners of all shapes and sizes the opportunity to earn status and unlock exclusive benefits.

Elite Tier: 

Reserved for partners demonstrating exceptional commitment and excellence, the Elite tier offers exclusive benefits such as access to the largest market development fund, priority support, higher revenue share percentages, exclusive training seminars, as well as the plethora of other benefits provided to the Preferred and Core tiers.

Preferred Tier: 

Partners in the Preferred Tier have demonstrated consistent commitment to our partnership through exceptional performance in the marketing, sales, or services space. These partners enjoy access to benefits like market development funds, enhanced support, a dedicated partner manager, a listing in our partner directory, augmented co-marketing opportunities, and more. 

Core Tier: 

Serving as an entry point in our program, the Core Tier is designed to accelerate the growth of new partnerships. Core Tier partners are just starting with Tapcart, and potentially mobile ecommerce in general. Tapcart will support Core partners with benefits like partner portal accounts, access to templates and other resources, revenue share, on-demand training, and co-marketing opportunities.  

Comprehensive point-based system

At the heart of this new program is a point system designed to incentivize and reward partners for their contributions to the Tapcart ecosystem. Partners earn points for various activities, from executing innovative marketing campaigns to investing in continuous skills development. 

This inclusive approach will ensure that every partner, regardless of size or scale, has the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the success of Tapcart merchants. That means on top of earning points by winning deals, hosting events, and other large-scale efforts, partners can earn points by completing trainings, sharing social media posts, and participating in other low-lift partnership activities.

Brand new partner portal to streamline collaboration

To streamline partnership processes and enhance partner engagement, Tapcart has introduced a state-of-the-art partner portal. In this centralized hub, partners can access everything they need to turbocharge their collaboration with Tapcart. This includes the ability to submit and track leads, review commission actuals, access ready-made assets, take on-demand training, and much more. This user-friendly interface empowers partners to navigate the partnership landscape with ease, enabling them to focus their efforts on driving success for mutual clients. 

Improved benefits and incentives

To fuel growth and innovation, this new program features the introduction of an entirely new benefits and incentives structure, complete with a brand new revenue share model. In order to further reward partners for investing in their merchants’ success, this model allows partners to earn a percentage of the success fee collected by Tapcart. In a similar fashion to how partners' benefits are accrued through tier progression, the percentage of revenue share they receive will increase as they advance to higher tiers.

Coming up: Tapcart’s first-ever Partner Summit

We are also excited to announce plans for the Tapcart Partner Summit. This exclusive event will unveil a brand new services program with exciting referral opportunities and a comprehensive certification program. This initiative underscores Tapcart's commitment to empowering partners with the tools and resources they need to succeed in a competitive landscape. Our partner ecosystem will determine the format for this event. If you want to become an inaugural member and shape our partner summit event, let us know here

Become a Tapcart Partner and revolutionize mobile commerce 

Ready to join the Tapcart ecosystem and help your clients scale? Fill out a partnership application. For more details about Tapcart’s Agency Partner Program, shoot us an email at partnerships@tapcart.co

We can't wait to revolutionize mobile ecommerce with you!

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