How Frost Buddy Makes 20% of its Revenue from an App

Chris Meade dives into the results of his own app and his pals at Frost Buddy. The results are impressive, to stay the least, especially when it comes to MER (keeping acquisition costs low and making the most of existing customers).

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OverviewTapcart’s Tech Partner Program is designed to expand our ecosystem of partners, encourage partner-led extensibility

This post was originally featured in Chris Meade's weekly newsletter for entrepreneuers in eCommerce (we highly encourage you to sign up). The Tapcart Team has reposted it here because the content is gold and we had to share. With that, and in Chris' words, "Yes, this was sponsored by Tapcart. Yes, they are dope af & we actually use them. I’d never work with a sponsor that we don’t actually use at my company. Sponsors help keep the newsletter free and my wife buying Alo Yoga leggings."

As I’m writing this I’m enjoying my once-a-month alcoholic beverage and sipping on some incredible wine that the good folks at Tapcart sent over from Cast Wines. I’ve been working closely with those guys lately because they are building an incredible company, but even cooler is how much they love the eCommerce community and people like you & me. They have this new Slack group called the UnTapped Community, which has tons of elite entrepreneurs and I’ve been learning a ton. If you want an invite to the group let me know and I can hook it up, please just don’t make me regret your invite!

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about how to add additional revenue to both CROSSNET & Good Sport. I’m stoked to write that our team’s currently 96% to our wholesale goal for Q1 and we’re just starting March. This means we’re doing solid from a revenue generation standpoint, but more importantly, we’re getting better at predicting revenue & inventor

One lever that we’re turning on this year is our own app and the results are already speaking for itself. One of my good buddies Brock who runs Frost Buddy just launched his and their crushing it to no surprise.

Yes, I need to charge my phone….

Building a mobile app for our customers using Tapcart was kinda a no brainer for us as we wanted to have a place to:

  • Connect our community
  • Organize tournaments
  • Sell products with push notifications and no marketing costs!

My buddy Daniel Graham from Mint posted this earlier today on LinkedIn from one of his clients. He’s an incredible media buyer (if you’re looking lmk), but when I saw this I was shocked. Nearly $15k in revenue from the app, with zero acquisition cost. Talk about pure profit from your existing customers.

The Good Sport app is so clean!

I’ll make sure to keep you guys posted on how the Tapcart journey goes but if you’re three months into the year, looking at your business and thinking where else can I add revenue getting set up on Tapcart is as risk-free as it gets. Make sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter to stay in the loop.

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