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BLEUSALT's app reaches new customers and boosts LTV


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higher conversion rate vs the online store


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About the brand

BLEUSALT is a seasonless line of luxurious basics made from the softest fibers on Earth.

Founded in 2017 in Malibu, California, by Founder & CEO Lyndie Benson, BLEUSALT is a seasonless line of elevated, luxurious basics made sustainably in the USA from the softest fibers on Earth that can fit seamlessly into your everyday wardrobe. Worn by celebrities like Meghan Markle, Cindy Crawford, Patrick Dempsey and Kaia Gerber, BLEUSALT is a trendsetter in timeless ‘Quiet Luxury.’ It has been featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and fashion publications around the world. 

The Challenge

BLEUSALT wanted to enhance customer retention and lower email & SMS marketing costs.

BLEUSALT found Tapcart through their e-commerce partnership with Garay Ecommerce Marketing. GEM has deep expertise in e-commerce marketing and strategy to help drive growth and build brand awareness. GEM has been working with BLEUSALT since 2019, built its email & SMS retention infrastructure, and launched its highly successful BLEUSALT VIPs loyalty program.

Garay Ecommerce Marketing was looking to enhance BLEUSALT's customer retention and provide customers with a seamless & more personalized shopping experience while lowering email & SMS marketing costs. GEM knew that having a mobile app would be a critical part of BLEUSALT's digital strategy and would allow BLEUSALT to better engage with their customers.

Tapcart was the perfect solution for their needs, offering a user-friendly platform allowing BLEUSALT to create and manage their mobile app quickly & easily. With Tapcart, they can offer their customers an exceptional mobile experience that reflects the same level of quality and attention to detail as the brand's clothingline.

GEM specializes in helping brands like BLEUSALT achieve their growth & retention goals and build a robust online presence, so incorporating a mobile app strategy is a no-brainer. With their comprehensive approach to digital marketing and deep understanding of e-commerce best practices, GEM makes it possible to reach new audiences, increase sales, and build brand loyalty. By leveraging email and SMS campaigns, along with mobile push notifications with Klaviyo's deep segmentation, Garay Ecommerce Marketing paves the way to connect with customers and build meaningful relationships. Through GEM's guidance and support, BLEUSALT has optimized its digital strategy and achieved significant growth milestones, including a substantial increase in revenue generated through the BLEUSALT mobile app.

The Solution

Tapcart & GEM provided an exceptional mobile experience that reflects the quality of the brand.

Tapcart has been a critical partner in helping BLEUSALT grow its business, reach new customers, and increase AOV & customer retention. With their user-friendly platform and powerful mobile features, customers have access to an elevated mobile shopping experience that's up to par with the attention to detail as their luxurious basics.

“We have seen significant growth in mobile revenue since launching our app with Tapcart & GEM, and we attribute much of this success to the platform's innovative features and user-friendly design. We value our partnership with Tapcart and look forward to continued growth and success in the future.”
Lyndie Benson, Founder & CEO of BLEUSALT

To the BLEUSALT Team, the success of the mobile app has been a key driver of growth for their business, and she’s excited to continue expanding it's mobile offerings. Since launching their mobile app with Tapcart in April 2022, the BLEUSALT team has seen a significant increase in mobile revenue, with over 40% of all monthly revenue generated on the app within one year. 

The Results

Tapcart has helped BLEUSALT build stronger relationships with its customers, boosting LTV.

The BLEUSALT mobile app has become a valuable source of traffic and revenue with a 310% higher conversion rate than the online store. The app's launch of new product lines has also been highly successful, with new product releases often resulting in a surge in mobile sales and engagement. BLEUSALT has also seen a high rate of app user retention, with many customers becoming regular users of the app and returning to make purchases more regularly.

“Tapcart has been instrumental in expanding our relationship with our customers by providing a convenient and engaging mobile shopping experience that reflects the same level of quality and attention to detail as our clothing. By offering a mobile app that is easy to use, visually stunning, and packed with innovative features, Tapcart has enabled us to connect with our customers in new and meaningful ways.”
Lyndie Benson, Founder & CEO of BLEUSALT

Some specific examples of how Tapcart has improved BLEUSALT's relationship with its customers include:

Increased engagement:

The mobile app has become a valuable tool for driving engagement with customers, with push notifications and personalized recommendations with Klaviyo help keep them connected to the BLEUSALT brand.

Improved loyalty:

Their app has helped BLEUSALT build stronger relationships with customers, with many users becoming regular customers and returning to make purchases regularly. Integrating the BLEUSALT VIPs loyalty program with Loyalty Lion has increased retention rates.

Enhanced shopping experience:

The mobile app offers a seamless and convenient shopping experience optimized for mobile devices, allowing customers to browse and purchase products anywhere in the world easily.

Positive feedback:

BLEUSALT has received so many positive comments and reviews from customers who have used the mobile app, with many praising its user-friendly design, innovative features, and seamless integration with website.

“If I were recommending Tapcart, I would describe it as a powerful and user-friendly platform enabling e-commerce businesses to create exceptional mobile apps that drive engagement, loyalty, and revenue. Tapcart's innovative features and powerful integrations make it easy to create a mobile app that reflects your brand values and is optimized for mobile devices. Whether you want to increase sales, improve customer engagement, or build brand loyalty, Tapcart is the ideal solution for any e-commerce business looking to elevate its mobile presence.”
Lyndie Benson, Founder & CEO of BLEUSALT

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