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How Plug Launched a Mobile App in 4 Days and Increased Retention

How Plug Launched a Mobile App in 4 Days and Increased Retention


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About the brand

Founded in 2020 by Oday Alyatim and his brother, Plug provides in-demand, certified pre-owned electronics like iPhones, tablets, and laptops at 40–70% off retail. While the company is young with a small team of 24, the impact they’re having in this market (and on reducing e-waste globally) massively outweighs their size.

Why a mobile app became a breakthrough

Plug wanted to increase both credibility and visibility in today’s noisy, over-saturated ecommerce space. Consumer trust is essential when selling pre-owned tech — and while Plug had a substantial, organically-grown social media following (3.1 million across platforms), they needed to build brand legitimacy to reach new customers and increase their conversion rate. Looking at every kind solution to this problem, they found Tapcart and launched their mobile app in, uh, just 4 days. 

“Having just a website is a very old school approach to this new world of commerce. You really need both. Having an app drives home legitimacy for a new customer base, and it’s actually how repeat customers prefer to shop.”
Oday Alyatim
Co-Founder & CEO of Plug

And you don’t need a full dedicated team to launch or run Tapcart either. Oday manages day-to-day operations and makes all app updates himself. He says, “It doesn’t take any time at all. I think that’s a killer part of this, you don’t have to hire a team or an app developer. Tapcart does all of the heavy lifting for you.” 

Putting brands in the driver’s seat 

Instead of competing in the congested landscape of expensive ads, Plug found that they could reach their audience in direct, hyper-effective ways, sidestepping the fight for relevance and visibility. They consistently updated their app “in seconds,” integrated a super-utilized Wish List, and sent persuasive push notifications to draw customers in. From flash sales to new inventory, their bespoke push notifications generated a swell of immediate sales each time.

“It’s really hard to stay in the customer space and Tapcart does all that work for you. Push notifications are a huge driver. We didn't have that luxury in the past, but now we're in front of the customer whenever we want, and aren’t spending anything to be there.” 
Oday Alyatim
Co-Founder & CEO of Plug 

Plug didn’t even heavily promote their app. They made it an obvious choice by positioning it as the go-to place for customers to get notified for sales, special promos, and in-app exclusives. Their view rate has been “phenomenally high,” and they keep customers engaged with high-quality content and 1:1 communication. Like they say: a rising tide lifts all boats, and for Oday, the app “creates another funnel toward conversion.”  

Higher retention equals higher conversion

In short order, Plug’s app climbed to the Top 100 of all free apps in the US, and #12 in shopping. For a small business that started in 2020, this is, simply put, kinda incredible. They credit the app for 50% of their total revenue, generating a totally new source of sales with streamlined shopping, compelling content, and one-click checkout. However, they found that retention was their biggest revenue driver, made possible by their ability to directly reach customers at will.

“I think the best thing Tapcart has done for us is help us retain more customers — that’s now the key metric we strive for today — and our app really does that for us. Even if we fell off the face of social media, or our website, we’d still be relevant to the people who have our app.” 
Oday Alyatim
Co-Founder & CEO of Plug 

A partnership—not just a platform

From demo to launch, metrics to strategic growth, Tapcart not only provides the right technology and know-how to reach new heights, but also the support to scale quickly and make huge gains.

As Oday remarked, “Nobody in the world launches an app in 4 days. It’s crazy. I have to praise Tapcart for their phenomenal support team from onboarding to getting everything set up because we launched and immediately got thousands of downloads and sales.” We’re blushing, but we’re also obsessed with making impactful mobile apps for companies that are ready to flourish. Interested in learning more? Book a demo and we'll walk you through all the benefits of a mobile app

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