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Search, Merchandising & Personalization


Improve customer experience in your mobile app and help customers easily find exactly what they’re looking for with powerful, instant search

How it works

Integrate Algolia search capabilities into your Tapcart mobile app to create a super-powered customer experience, helping shoppers find the products or information they want quickly. Amplify customer engagement and increase loyalty with dynamic, personalized search results, showing in-app results that resonate with each customer.

Why choose


  • Get up and running within minutes with Algolia’s quick 5-step implementation of a better in-app search experience to drive user engagement in real-time
  • Algolia’s powerful AI-driven suggestions create an optimized search experience, bringing exactly the right products into view every time with typo tolerance and synonym suggestions
  • Give your customers a personalized search experience, and see the added benefit of understanding how your users are searching for your products
  • Run powerful tests to find hidden query opportunities your customers are using, and adjust your strategy to maximize results from in-app search or discover new product ideas
  • Deliver the best search results for each customer with dynamic ranking that shows results that are unique to them and their personal customer history

Your brand’s mobile growth starts today.