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Barcode/QR Scanner

Make your mobile app come to life by merging your brick-and-mortar and mobile experience.

How it works

Integrating Shopify’s Barcode/QR Scanner with Tapcart offers customers the convenience of an ecommerce app with the personal touch of an in-store shopping experience by bringing them together. When a customer visits one of your physical brick-and-mortar retail locations, they can scan the barcode or QR code of any product they see on the shelves and pull them up on your mobile app to learn more about what they’re seeing, making it more likely that they’ll walk out the door with the product they just scanned.

Why choose

Barcode/QR Scanner

  • Offer your customers the best of both worlds: enhance your in-store shopping experience, while making your mobile app experience more tangible and immediate
  • Use QR Codes across all your marketing channels for a seamless brand experience
  • Enhance trust by helping customers find out more information about the products they scan
  • Allow customers to easily look up the price of items in your store or find their size online by using the app scanner
  • Add more value to a purchase by increasing product interaction before they buy

Only available with a Tapcart Enterprise subscription

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