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Fast Simon

Help your ecommerce app customers find the products they want as quickly as possible with faster, better search results(formerly InstantSearch+)

How it works

The Fast Simon integration enables your Tapcart mobile app customers to find the products they’re looking for as fast as they can type it. Optimize your in-app search functionality and make browsing products on your app quick, easy, and convenient.

Why choose

Fast Simon

  • Drive more conversions and lift your ROI from app searches
  • Stronger brand loyalty: give your mobile app customers the sense that you know them, by giving them a straight path to the products they want
  • Personalized recommendations: offer your mobile app shoppers targeted search results based on their search history and purchase behavior
  • Customized search results: create rules and trigger products for specific terms, and tailor your search experience to fit both yours and your customers' needs
  • Use AI-driven results that can crawl your entire inventory and app to save users time by eliminating the need for a manual search of your products from page to page
  • Improve customers’ search experience by providing quick and comprehensive results that are relevant to the details and information that they enter

Your brand’s mobile growth starts today.