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Customer Experience


An in-app helpdesk that allows you to retain more customers and boost revenue.

How it works

Great customer support is a key component of a thriving business. Gorgias allows you to offer your customers the support they need in a quick and personalized way. This integration, powered by Tapcart Custom Blocks, allows you to turn your in-app customer support into a profit center.

Why choose


  • Give your customers answers in a minute, not days. 
  • Centralize all your support tickets in one place so you can understand the customer's inquiry better and automate answers to common questions.
  • Turn visitors into loyal customers through a personalized support experience. 
  • Increase customer satisfaction and drive revenue with an intuitive helpdesk. 

Please note: This integration is powered by a Custom Block, so a developer or member of the Tapcart Team will need to assist in setting it up. Please contact your Account Manager for more information. The developer documentation can be found in Github

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