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Data & Analytics


Capture shopper interactions and get key insights on how to improve the customer journey in your Shopify mobile app, no code required.

How it works

Track events and user interactions inside your mobile app, then connect them to your existing Heap analytics dashboard to keep tabs on every piece of your omnichannel sales stack. Use the Heap integration for Tapcart to make data-driven decisions on improving the mobile shopping experience for your most loyal customers.

Why choose


  • Capture data at every touchpoint throughout the mobile app experience to discover how customers find your app, which pages encourage the most engagement, where customers drop out of your funnel, and even which push notifications drive sales.
  • Automate your app event tracking without hiring a developer or marketing specialist to manually install tracking codes
  • Segment audience groups across multiple events, and drive the right audience to new sales, promotions, product updates, and more. 
  • Double down on your most-loved features to drive higher customer engagement, retention, and lifetime value.

Your brand’s mobile growth starts today.