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Product Recommendations


Provide product recommendations in the app and boost conversions, average order value, and repeat orders.

How it works

Nosto gives your customers a highly personalized shopping experience on your Tapcart mobile app. Nosto’s AI-powered in-app search engine makes targeted recommendations based off of comprehensive user data and past purchase behavior, giving the best shopping experience for every customer. Use custom product recommendation types like bought together and viewed together to best suit your customer base. Offer products that they want based on what they have showed interest in before, and get them to check out in as few touch points as possible.

Why choose


‍Increase conversions with improved product discovery

Personalize recommendations with algorithmically-driven carousels such as bestsellers, trending products, and new inventory


Increase average order value with upsell and cross-sell product recommendations 

Create cross-selling recommendations based on customer shopping behavior and free shipping thresholds 


Increase repeat purchases with loyalty-based recommendations 

Recommend products based on shopper’s past purchases, interests & affinities, and browsing history

Your brand’s mobile growth starts today.