Deliver the AI-powered, personalized product recommendations that your app purchasers prefer

How it works

Nosto gives your customers a highly personalized shopping experience on your Tapcart mobile app. Nosto’s AI-powered in-app search engine makes targeted recommendations based off of comprehensive user data and past purchase behavior, giving the best shopping experience for every customer. Use custom product recommendation types like bought together and viewed together to best suit your customer base. Offer products that they want based on what they have showed interest in before, and get them to check out in as few touch points as possible.

Why choose


  • Offer dynamically personalized content tailored to each individual shopper’s behavior, so they feel like those recommendations are speaking to them
  • Show your customers what they want as soon as they know they want it, getting more conversions, more engagement, and more app revenue
  • Use Nosto’s dashboard and analytics to understand user behavior  and improve your customers’ shopping experience
  • Use variations and implement A/B testing to find which personalizations brought in higher conversion rates
  • Set up continuous optimizations with AI that automatically allocates traffic to the test variation that resulted in increased revenue

Your brand’s mobile growth starts today.