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Social Proof


Build trust with your mobile app customers with social proof that they can’t deny

How it works

Okendo gathers all of the most positive reviews, customer success stories and user-generated content (UGC) and displays them in your Tapcart mobile app alongside your products. Showcase what’s unique about your community and your brand, drive conversions, and strengthen your customer relationships with the power of social proof.

Why choose


  • Show your potential customers why they should buy from your brand by laying out reviews on your product pages 
  • Enhance brand trust by showcasing video and photo reviews of your products that are uploaded by other mobile shoppers 
  • Quickly get more and better reviews: automated review requests sent by email and SMS accelerate review and UGC collection by 40%
  • Streamlined content moderation: the reviews and UGC you display in your app are yours and yours alone, with functionality to approve or reject reviews and filter for the most positive ones
  • Strengthen your users’ purchase intent by using reviews as testimonials from previous customers
  • Utilize social proof from UGC to establish your brand’s reputation by word of mouth

Your brand’s mobile growth starts today.