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Search, Merchandising & Personalization


Create more personalized shopping experiences for customers with data-driven insights.

How it works

Every shopper is different which means they need shopping experiences tailored to their personal needs. Rebuy allows you to do just that in your app powered by Tapcart. AI-powered personalization gives you the power to win and retain more customers plus boost in-app revenue intuitively.

Why choose


  • Lift your in-app AOV with AI powered product recommendations so you can upsell and cross sell without any work on your end.
  • Optimize your cart conversion rate with product recommendations that can be added to your customers carts in one-click.
  • Reporting and analytics tools to see just how Rebuy is growing your store.

Please note: This integration is powered by a Custom Block, so a developer or member of the Tapcart Team will need to assist in setting it up. Please contact your Account Manager for more information. The developer documentation can be found in GitHub.

Your brand’s mobile growth starts today.