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Search, Merchandising & Personalization


Skyrocket your online store sales with personalized AI search, product filters, and an enriched search experience optimized for mobile

How it works

Searchanise’s advanced search features, like autocomplete and stopwords, give your customers the most relevant results instantly. Make your search experience even better with search analytics – see what keywords your app customers use, what they click on, and what queries get no results. Put your most popular products front and center with keyword assignments, and help your customers find what they need.

Why choose


  • Have more control to deliver faster, better, and more reliable mobile-optimized search results than Shopify’s native search feature
  • Boost engagement and conversions with a seamless and intuitive search experience so you never miss a sale due to bad search results
  • Enable your customers to search for products by name, category, description, and page/blog post, so they can easily find exactly the information they need
  • Create an eye-pleasing, consistent, and on-brand look and feel with customizable product filters and design
  • Help customers find what they’re looking for in no time flat
  • Maximize your app ROI by promoting your products directly via in-app search results

Your brand’s mobile growth starts today.