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Reviews, Loyalty, Rewards & UGC

Build a powerful loyalty program that’s optimized for Shopify mobile apps to turn first-time customers into forever customers

How it works

When you combine the power of with your Tapcart-powered app, concerns about customer loyalty will be a thing of the past. This powerful integration will boost repeat purchases through special VIP programs that allow your big spenders to earn and redeem rewards. You can also amplify your word of mouth by taking advantage of their customer referral programs – all from the app!

Why choose

  • Let customers earn rewards points for purchases made in your mobile app
  • Reward your customers for sharing their experience by writing a product review
  • Gamify shopping with your brand by offering VIP statuses that make customers feel like part of the in-crowd
  • Give your customers more exclusive perks the more they shop within the app
  • Create give-and-take referral programs that incentive existing customers with referral rewards and new customers with exclusive discounts
  • Offer in-app redemptions the way you want – base the value of points earned on fixed amounts or with percentage discounts. Your brand, your call.

Your brand’s mobile growth starts today.