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Social Proof

Stamped Reviews

Put your social proof front and center, and show your customers why you’re awesome

How it works

Combining your existing (or brand new) Stamped account with your eCommerce mobile app allows you to collect and showcase all your online reviews – anywhere where you’ve left a stamp – directly inside the app! This creates brand trust with your mobile app shoppers by displaying customer ratings and reviews right next to the products they love and that your new customers are considering. Highlighting powerful user-generated content that shows off exactly what customers like most about your brand improves the buyer’s experience and increases conversions.

Why choose

Stamped Reviews

  • Collect reviews from multiple channels then moderate responses with ease
  • Automate new review collection right from your mobile app, and give every customer a voice, no matter where they shop with you
  • Show off your best products’ ratings and reviews next to the products available in your app to build immediate confidence in unsure shoppers
  • Boost engagement and keep the conversions coming by showcasing positive reviews that leave no doubt that your products will meet the customer’s expectations

Your brand’s mobile growth starts today.