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Tapcart Mobile Wishlist

Grant your customers' wishes and let them list their favorite products

How it works

Integrating Mobile Wishlist with Tapcart lets your customers add their favorite products from your store to their customized wishlist, so they can buy them later, all from your mobile app. Quickly add the integration to your Tapcart-powered mobile app and start giving your customers more reasons to come back and shop.

Why choose

Tapcart Mobile Wishlist

  • Customers can create and organize their wishlists however they want with folders to keep all their favorite products conveniently sorted for easier access and better organization
  • More repeat purchases: customers are more likely to buy what they already like. 40% of customers think retailers would be better if they offered a way to save items they're interested in
  • Longer average session duration: customers will spend more time on your app as they curate their favorite items by category, style, or function
  • Boost customer engagement: the small icon populated by the Wishlist integration gives users another opportunity to interact with your app by creating lists they love

Your brand’s mobile growth starts today.