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User Reviews

Yotpo Reviews

Create instant trust and boost your in-app conversions by collecting and displaying customer reviews from Yotpo.

How it works

Nine out of ten customers read reviews before buying a product. There’s no question that reviews are vital to encouraging customers to take the final step of the purchase process. Connecting your existing Yotpo Reviews account with your Tapcart-powered ecommerce app will ensure that your customers have all the information they need (from you and from your past shoppers) to feel confident in their choice to purchase from your brand – without ever leaving the app.

Why choose

Yotpo Reviews

  • Yotpo’s AI-powered review aggregator takes all of your customers’ best reviews and displays them right where your customers will see them
  • Put what makes your products worth buying front and center by displaying ratings and reviews directly in your Shopify store’s mobile app
  • Leverage the satisfaction of your happiest and most loyal shoppers to tip the scales in your favor with new customers still weighing their options, instantly boosting conversions
  • Collect new reviews and increase engagement by making it easy for current customers to leave in-app feedback

Your brand’s mobile growth starts today.