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Capture Kit, customized QR codes made for eCommerce, is a new, free marketing tool for Tapcart merchants to boost app downloads and drive in-app revenue.

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OverviewTapcart’s Tech Partner Program is designed to expand our ecosystem of partners, encourage partner-led extensibility

Capture Kit makes it super easy to customize a QR code for ecommerce brands to drive app downloads, boost in-app revenue, and ultimately, lock down retention. Not to mention, a QR code can drive engagement since the action is instant and seamless.

QR codes have gained a lot of popularity in our post-pandemic world even the most novice tech user knows how to use this tool. Which is why a customized QR code directly linked to your app is a no brainer to use in today’s world.

The possibilities on where you can place a QR code are endless. You can sprinkle them into your email and SMS campaigns, on landing pages, and promote on social. In IRL, print a QR code in your next mailer, in your brick & mortar store, and in your product's packing slips. It's an awesome touch to any marketing strategy.

Here are a few of our favorite Capture Kits in the wild ⤵️

Art of Tea features Capture Kit on their website and on their mailing slips next to a pretty sweet discount code. This is a great use case of how brands can leverage this tool in multiple ways to fit their personal marketing needs. Hannah Houglum, Art of Tea’s eCommerce Manager, was blown away that their Capture Kit had already reached 4,000 scans and noticed the immediate increase in downloads after implementing this tool. Art of Tea's app is a sales & marketing channel built for their loyal communi-tea, so driving app adoption is critical to the greater retention strategy.

“The beauty of what you guys are doing at Tapcart is that there are just so many great features and so many avenues that we can dive deeper…I love that Capture Kit is just expanding our brand, I mean it’s fabulous.”

Vinegar Syndrome implemented this tool the standard way we recommend through adding the QR code widget to their website. They have seen a massive increase in app downloads and increased push subscribers after using Capture Kit. Additionally, the Vinegar Syndrome team had the idea to replace their paid for QR code stickers they passed out to customers to this free QR code instead. 

Beauty Creations Cosmetics was one of the first Tapcart merchants to adopt this dynamic tool and has seen an increase in app engagement since doing so. They also have a handful of stores and have made a point for store associates to direct customers to scan their Capture Kit and download the app. They have enjoyed using this easy advertising tactic because they know loyal customers will enjoy the benefits of downloading their app.

Dennessy Gallegos, eCommerce manager, saw a huge increase in downloads and push subscribers after adding the custom QR codes to their storefronts.

“When we started using Capture Kit in our stores…we saw a big increase in app engagement…We also tell our sales associates to really push the app when they can and have customers scan the code so they can stay up to date when we have big launches…”  

LGND Supply Co. loves giveaways and wants to make sure their customers are always in-the-know especially when it comes to app exclusives. They have added Capture Kit to their website to draw customers into their app and connect them to app exclusives. They actually just opened their first brick and mortar storefront and have downloaded their Capture Kit to have in-store for customers to scan.

Web Designer, Max Petruziello enjoys, Capture Kit because of its ease of use and multiple ways to implement this feature. 

“It's awesome, the ease of use, and it’s just so easy to install the app…we’re also going to have it in the store because it will be nice for people to come in and scan it and just be able to download the app in seconds”

Capture Kit is available for you to explore in your dashboard now, and can be set up in one-click. 

If you’d like to try this free marketing tool out head over to the engage tab in your dashboard, click on Capture Kit and start creating your customized QR code widget. 

If you’re interested in learning more check out our Getting Started with Capture Kit Support Article for a step by step breakdown. 

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