Product Page Conversion Rates: How to Increase Shopify Sales with a Mobile App

Discover four key ways to customize your product detail pages to boost engagement and conversions.

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If you are a Shopify store owner, you already know that ecommerce product detail pages (PDPs) are the crème de la crème of your site experience—it is the place to checkout.

But exactly why is it one of the most important destinations in a consumer's conversion rate? Well, a product page often serves as your last chance to captivate your customers and convince them to add-to-cart and checkout. When you want to optimize, there is a method to the madness—PDPs are all about organizing information as strategically as possible for the consumer to feel confident enough to seal the deal. Most shoppers don't realize the level of testing and strategy behind the structure of these pages. And the more seamless their experience, the more likely they are to convert.

Here at Tapcart, we've been working hard to make Shopify store owners' PDP pages more flexible, so you can customize your content, leverage your social media, increase conversion rates, and tell your product's story your way. Our new feature Product Page Builder lets you fully customize your PDP templates, so you have the opportunity to rearrange your pages to tell the entire narrative of each product. Plus, our mobile native apps are created to display on a mobile device, so you're genuinely providing the best mobile experience—with zero popups or distractions. That means fast load-time, incredibly smooth touch-screen interactions, and seamless checkout.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the top ways to customize your PDP pages to convert.

1. Increase conversion rates with product video blocks.

Of course, product images and videos need to be on your homepage and collection landing page. But it is also super important to have a high-quality video as well. Product videos are proven to maximize conversion and customer engagement and decrease abandoned carts. In fact, according to Animoto, three-quarters are more likely to convert if they can watch a video explaining it beforehand, and 96% of shoppers find videos helpful when making purchase decisions online. Whether it is a 360 spin of the product in action or an explainer video, product videos tell a story that helps build trust and is a natural upsell on your product page. Keep your Shopify content fresh with image blocks and your ecommerce site and mobile app will thank you.

Get creative and upload your Shopify content directly to product image blocks to provide all the info your customer needs while keeping them on the page. Whether it's a static image or GIF, keeping the vital information upfront and center in visuals on a smartphone is key to converting. With fashion, it's the fit, close-up shots, and how the garment moves. With food, it may be recipes, ingredients, or the product in use. With lifestyle, think aspirational imagery, lookbooks, FAQs, and related blog content. Together, these images influence a customer's purchasing decision, and they must be fresh, on-brand, and strategically placed. Plus with Tapcart, shoppers can add items they love to their wishlist, which will come in handy when you are retargeting them with push notifications.

BONUS: Also include video on your Shopify app store to influence downloads! SEO alone won't drive downloads, your shoppers need to be inspired to download—and once they're in, they are 3x more likely to checkout.

add high-quality product video blocks

2. Add social proof to cross-sell and increase conversions

Just like you would cross-sell or up-sell related products on your Shopify web store, there are many ways to promote additional products to shoppers using your mobile app. Shoppable Instagram, recommendations, testimonials, and product reviews seamlessly add your integrations to your product page for convenience. These additions work hand-in-hand with your product descriptions and product images, upselling your shoppers with the power of social media and converting potential customers. Robust tech integrations like AI let you better understand your shoppers and make strategic decisions on how to set up your online store—so you can get them to their shopping cart. For example, you can send a retargeting cart abandonment push notification, or leverage Apple Pay to autofill credit card details. With the PDP Editor, you can fuse your tech stack onto your product page and drag-and-drop wherever you want. Since these tools are built to convert, we recommend placing them along with pricing towards the top of the page for optimal visibility.

add recommendations testimonials and product reviews

3. Use Dynamic Layouts to boost conversions.

Dynamic Layouts is a brand new product page feature available for the Tapcart Enterprise plan. So, what are Dynamic Layouts? They are an automation system where you can update a wide range of Shopify products at once, instead of having to update each product page manually. This means you can design a block, then add product tags to automatically add that block across a group of products—all with one click. That way, you won't have to individually add that block to every product page in a group, allowing you to design with more functionality and faster. Hey marketers! Having a sale on hot sauces? Create a sale banner block promoting the sale, then use tags to add it across all hot sauces. Have a size or care guide specific to tees only? Create a custom size-guide block, then use tags to add it across the entire tees category. Being able to seamlessly design your mobile app to align with your marketing campaigns while also making the checkout process smooth is key to maintaining a thriving ecommerce business. Because everyone knows that when it comes to ecommerce the user experience is paramount.

leverage dynamic layouts

4. Add pricing above the fold and optimize your Payment options

With an app, customers can save all of their billing and shipping information, and additional options like one-click checkout or Apple Pay eliminate friction in the checkout experience. Our PDP Editor also includes Installment payment options like Klarna, Quadpay, Affirm, Sezzle, and Afterpay. Let your customers subscribe to your products with Recharge Plus; all of their billing and payment info is already there, including the items they put in their cart while they were on a desktop. This will not only boost sales but can add subscribers and influence new customers, as well as their average order value.

optimize your payment options

The fact of the matter is, you have minimal control over the UX of your Shopify mobile website. With more and more shoppers converting with their mobile devices, responsiveness should be your top priority. Page load time can seriously impact your conversion and retention rates. Even a Shopify retailer's sharpest marketing strategy will miss an opportunity if relying solely on a mobile website for conversion. You're undoubtedly leaving money on the table if your product page doesn't contain all the essential information necessary to earn the shopper's trust to hit add-to-cart.

Want to get access to our new Product Page Builder? Explore the new feature on your Tapcart Dashboard here. For more guidance, you can check out our support article.

Don't have a Tapcart app but ready to create a premium PDP experience to increase engagement and conversion? Learn more about the benefits of a mobile app and the Tapcart platform by getting in touch with our team of mobile experts.

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