Announcing Tapcart’s New Tech Partner Program: Power Up With Developer Tools

Tapcart’s Tech Partner Program is designed to expand our ecosystem of partners, encourage partner-led extensibility of our core product, and deepen support for Tapcart merchants.

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OverviewTapcart’s Tech Partner Program is designed to expand our ecosystem of partners, encourage partner-led extensibility

The mobile ecommerce landscape is witnessing unprecedented growth and, at Tapcart, we are at the forefront of this transformation. We've empowered thousands of Shopify brands to scale new heights, leading to a 63% higher conversion rate and 82% higher revenue per session in their apps compared to their online stores. Earlier this month, we released Developer Tools, which makes this moment extra exciting — as we are thrilled to announce the launch of Tapcart’s Tech Partner Program. With the parallel launch of Developer Tools and our Tech Partner Program, our team is pleased to open up new pathways for those partners interested in building integrations to raise their hand, request the keys, documentation, and technical support from our team. 

Tapcart’s Tech Partner Program is designed to expand our ecosystem of partners, encourage partner-led extensibility of our core product, and deepen support for Tapcart users. We are excited to double down with Partners who share our vision and appetite to solve real-world challenges for our joint customers.  This program is more than just introducing referrals (though, we care about those too!) — it’s grounded in best practices, education, and a mutual exchange of value between Tapcart and our partners.

“The overwhelming amount of interest in product partnerships that we have received from our community this year has been humbling, to say the least. Our team was having difficulty keeping up with all of the requests and it was not scalable for us to suggest that we could own the development of every new integration on our own,” said Ashley Hildreth, VP, Partnerships at Tapcart. “With the recent launch of Developer Tools alongside our Tech Partner Program, we are now officially in a position to open up our doors and welcome new partners that are interested in building with us while we begin our journey toward partner-lead product extensibility.”

Tapcart's Developer Tools is the first of its kind in mobile commerce  and this feature set offers a wide range of tools for both our customers and our partners interested in building new personalized experiences with Custom Blocks, Web Bridge SDK, Insights Data Streaming, and more. By allowing our partners to leverage Developer Tools, we’re not just opening the door for seamless integrations, but also fueling the creation of innovative product experiences. Regular touch-points with our partners will ensure these integrations stay relevant and effective, aligning with measurable KPIs and business objectives. 

For our customers, this means a more accessible and enriching user experience, tailored to the technologies they rely on most. Top partners are committed to becoming subject matter experts on our respective technologies, pushing the boundaries of our products together, and providing top-notch support to our shared communities of Shopify brands.

Introducing our Program Tiers

The Tech Partner Program is structured into three tiers: Elite Partner, Preferred Partner, and Core Partner. Each tier caters to different levels of engagement and collaboration to support our partners.

Elite Tier:

Elite Partners benefit from our most robust partnership model and have committed to deeper education, open communication, and go-to-market strategies with the Tapcart team. Partners in this tier receive early access to new product releases to test, iterate, and prepare new integration pathways before they reach the market. 

We hold partners in this category to a higher standard for in-app product experiences and encourage Elite Partners to leverage every facet possible of Tapcart’s mobile app platform. Elite Partners may also provide exclusive benefits or offers to our customers and have direct access to the Tapcart Batphone so that our internal teams can ensure we deliver real-time customer, product, and partnership support. 

Tapcart Elite Partners have proven customer interest, adoption of our joint solutions, and have made a commitment to lean in with us to ensure deeper education of our teams. Elite Partners have open communication channels for customer support and product development, and have invested in resourcing joint go-to-market efforts to drive industry awareness and educate customers on our better together value proposition.

Preferred Tier:

Partners in this tier have proven market demand for their integrations, measured by total number of installations and integration requests from our customer base. Preferred Partners have shown excitement to collaborate with our teams to produce ongoing customer education, content, and support beyond the average tech partner. 

Preferred Partners receive a dedicated Partner Manager and opportunities to participate in joint marketing, content creation, event sponsorships, and other activities to increase their footprint within Tapcart’s community of brands.

Meet a few of our Preferred Partners:

Like our Elite Partners, our Preferred Partners enjoy priority technical support and resourcing. This added layer of assistance for both our Elite and Preferred Partners ensures that our most widely adopted integrations maintain exceptionally high standards in operational excellence at all times. 

Core Tier:

Throughout the last year, we have spoken with plenty of potential partners that are looking to solve the needs for a one-off customer request or test their audience’s appetite for product experiences in a mobile app environment, but are not quite ready to invest into a long term partnership with Tapcart.

This tier provides an entry point for companies seeking access to our suite of Developer Tools and new integration pathways to connect their products with Tapcart through a (mostly) self-guided process. Once complete, the final submission process includes a request for support documentation and setup guides and may be published in the Tapcart Integration Directory to encourage adoption of these integrations.

We encourage our Core Partners to self-promote their integrations and provide tooling, collateral, and guidelines to support these efforts. From time to time, we may include Core Partner integrations in customer marketing, integration round-ups, and other joint marketing opportunities, focusing on those that our customers fancy most.

“With the launch of our Tech Partner Program, our partners have unprecedented ability to craft tailored, state-of-the-art ecommerce experiences right within the Tapcart ecosystem, connecting the dots between web and mobile like never before,” said Jon Knott, Sr. Technology Partner Manager. “These tools open up a new universe of product integration paths and customization possibilities for our partners–be it Klaviyo’s mastery in marketing automation, Yotpo’s prowess in loyalty, UGC, and subscriptions, and customer service made easy by Gorgias. I am excited to see our partners reimagine ecommerce solutions that are more engaging, more functional, and more personalized than ever."

How to Get Started: The Developer-First Partner Program

Get Inspired: 

Visit our Integrations Page to learn more about our product partnerships or navigate to our Inspiration Center to see examples of our Developer Tools in action.

Visit Tapcart's Tech Partner Program:

Learn about program details and fill out the application form here. Upon approval, you’ll get immediate access to our Developer Tools documentation, inspiration center and training resources that can assist with scoping a path to building a product integration.

Our Tech Partner Program, now enriched with Developer Tools, is all set to revolutionize mobile ecommerce. Let's create and innovate — together. 

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