Hosted By

Ashvin Melwani

Co-Founder & CMO of Obvi

Ronak Shah

Co-Founder & CEO of Obvi | EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2022


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Episode description

Obvi's website and user experience weren't created overnight. Ron & Ash go into how it took countless AB tests and optimizations to get it to where it is today and what you can do now to improve your conversion rate!

A great UI/UX strategy helps companies win over customers, manage existing ones better and keep them hooked to their products. This is done through smooth user interactions, easy navigation, and intuitive design. We go over the importance of these strategies and how to implement them for your business.

Listen to find out

  • Website optimization tips that Ash & Ron swear by 
  • Don’t sleep on setting up A/B tests
  • Key UI/UX tips like building with the scroller in mind, first point touch is the strat, and gamifying the cart