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Ashvin Melwani

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Ronak Shah

Co-Founder & CEO of Obvi | EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2022


Ryan Babenzien

Founder - Jolie - GREATS

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Babenzien began his career managing clients at ICM Partners. Towards the end of the 1990s, he began consulting with fashion companies, including Eckō Unltd. and Mecca. He later worked for Puma, eventually landing with K-Swiss. Babenzien served as the director of lifestyle and entertainment marketing for that company, and then the Global Director ofEntertainment Marketing. Babenzien became the CEO of Boast in 2010, re-establishing the retail brand that had been founded in 1973. Babenzien worked with Andy Spade to revive the company, and began showing collections for both men and women in advance of the company’s 40th anniversary. In 2013 Babenzien founded the online footwear company Greats Brand with Jon Buscemi.

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  • Untraditional and unconventional marketing hacks
  • How to grow UGC content to drive company growth
  • What are the other guys doing? Get their input on competitor's landscape