Hosted By

Ashvin Melwani

Co-Founder & CMO of Obvi

Ronak Shah

Co-Founder & CEO of Obvi | EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2022


Sam Barati

Director of Enterprise Customer Success at Tapcart

Episode description

Obvi our fav episode… Ron & Ash discuss how Obvi cultivated a 60k+ member community in 3 years with their very first guest from Tapcart! Obvi's Community and App generate 7 figures for the brand every year. 

In this episode, we cover everything mobile and focus on why mobile store apps are key for successful brands. 

Learn how to create a community on your own!

Listen to find out

  • Push notifications are the best marketing tool to reach your most loyal customers because they’re branded, instant, and simply the sleekest
  • Building an on-brand app to give your customers the best mobile experience
  • Obvi’s secret weapon to driving app adoption and engagement? App exclusives are a powerful marketing growth hack that they recommend ecom brands take advantage of to grow your loyal community.