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Nik Sharma

The DTC guy running Sharma Brands. Forbes 30 under 30.

Moiz Ali

Founder of Native Deodorant, Entrepreneur, Speaker & Investor in 50+ companies.


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Glossier’s new website might be a win for Shopify, but what’s going on with its terrible redesign?

This week, Nik and Moiz are breaking down what’s happening to the new Glossier site hosted by Shopify, what the implications of Facebook forcing businesses to conduct transactions through Facebook Shops means for retailers, and why the magic workout mirror on the wall, Tonal, fell off a revenue cliff.

Plus, is Leap Retail a worthy investment? And what exactly is Nik’s beef with Pinterest?

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  • Olive Oil Drama between Graza vs Brightland
  • Bonobos and Walmart on digitally native vertical brands
  • Facebook’s Announcements like FB Shop checkouts
  • Other Channels Worth Playing With
  • Glossier’s New Site on Shopify