S2 E9: What’s Currently Working on Facebook Ads and Over-Optimizing Websites

January 27, 2023

Hosted By

Cody Plofker

CMO Jones Road Beauty l Advisor at Northbeam

Eli Weiss

Sr Director CX & Retention @jonesroadbeauty l Building brands that put the customer 1st + sharing learnings.


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Episode description

In episode nine of season two, Cody and Eli chat about what is currently working for us on FB ads and answer the age-old question: "Is it possible to over-optimize your website?"

Listen to find out

  • Optimization vs innovation — embrace experimentation and move away from small incremental revenue impact
  • Cody's the ads guy and he gives insights into what he's doing when it comes to Facebook and Google
  • Best practices to try (which may vary for each brand) and how to test if it converts better