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Nik Sharma

The DTC guy running Sharma Brands. Forbes 30 under 30.

Moiz Ali

Founder of Native Deodorant, Entrepreneur, Speaker & Investor in 50+ companies.


Suleman Ali

Entrepreneur & Angel Investor

Episode description

How do you get a sitdown with JK Rowling’s people? Moiz’ brother Suleman Ali joins this week’s episode to discuss mobile game creation and why he hates his former co-founder. Nik and Moiz also get into Kuori deodorant’s sales on Shark Tank VS the Today Show, nuggets from Grow LA, and Mini Katana’s video content model. Plus how to take over an Amazon page.

Listen to find out

  • Behind the scenes behind our time at Grow LA 
  • Deodorant for your knees with Kurori
  • Licensing Family Guy for $10 million