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Nik Sharma

The DTC guy running Sharma Brands. Forbes 30 under 30.

Moiz Ali

Founder of Native Deodorant, Entrepreneur, Speaker & Investor in 50+ companies.


Mary Berry

CEO and Founder of The Cosmos Labs

Episode description

Dependency on one channel is a DTC company’s greatest strength…and greatest weakness.

Find out how Nik and Moiz are thinking about organic growth and buying in audiences.

Fresh from The Whalies, Nik and Moiz dive into a conversation about growing DTC businesses from five to six figures, how Agile is leveraging in-App data to retarget customers, and how to set up a responsive feedback loop for customers.

Plus, you’ll hear a super practical customer retention tip from Nik, that you’ll be able to put into practice right away.

Listen to find out

  • Motivation tips from Mary, a beauty and wellness serial entrepreneur, that drove her to keep building her business
  • Quality control and waste management insider knowledge behind creating a product
  • Prioritize giving 20% raises to employees to improve quality of life and loyalty to scale a business