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Nik Sharma

The DTC guy running Sharma Brands. Forbes 30 under 30.

Moiz Ali

Founder of Native Deodorant, Entrepreneur, Speaker & Investor in 50+ companies.


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Episode description

Is eCommerce fundraising dead? Nik and Moiz get into who’s raising money and the names to watch.

They also discuss Warby Parker’s earning report, who the real future winners in eCommerce are going to be, and how to warm up those email lists.

You’ll also hear about Jugnoo, the mobility as a service platform and Klaviyo’s new feature.

Listen to find out

  • Why email lists are a waste of time and how to "rewarm" email to actually drive engagement
  • Dive into why fundraising in ecommerce has been slow this past year and if it's going to pick up again
  • How Warby Parker's decreased their marketing spend and still achieved top line growth
  • The inside track on LTV you need to know now