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Nik Sharma

The DTC guy running Sharma Brands. Forbes 30 under 30.

Moiz Ali

Founder of Native Deodorant, Entrepreneur, Speaker & Investor in 50+ companies.


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Episode description

Want to look amateur? Leave your Facebook ad comments unmonitored.

This week Nik and Moiz dig into why Facebook moderation is making this the hardest task on the planet, how Starbucks is leveraging its loyalty programme like an unsecured loan, and what’s going on over at Shopify.

Plus you’ll hear why Moiz take a look at Facebook earnings and how much you’re worth to the company.

Listen to find out

  • Why Facebook moderation Is grinding gears
  • How community management AKA responding to comments is changing
  • Starbucks insane money making App 
  • Three new Shopify features you need now