S2 E11: The Death of Hypergrowth, VC in DTC, and Holistic Retention

February 20, 2023

Hosted By

Cody Plofker

CMO Jones Road Beauty l Advisor at Northbeam

Eli Weiss

Sr Director CX & Retention @jonesroadbeauty l Building brands that put the customer 1st + sharing learnings.


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Episode description

In episode eleven of season two, Cody and Eli discuss the death of blitz-scaling and hypergrowth in CPG and holistically thinking about retention.

Listen to find out

  • FB ads are not synonymous with growth and vice versa
  • Post iOS has forced brands to think more about a blended return on ad spend (MER & CAC)
  • Looking at efficiency by channel and understanding how they evolve and change