S3 E3: How to Fix Your Retention with Val Geisler

April 20, 2023

Hosted By

Cody Plofker

CMO Jones Road Beauty l Advisor at Northbeam

Eli Weiss

Sr Director CX & Retention @jonesroadbeauty l Building brands that put the customer 1st + sharing learnings.


Val Geisler

Strategic Advisor at Octane AI

Episode description

In the third episode of Season Three, Eli chats with Val Geisler about all things retention. We chatted about how retention has changed over the last 10 years, how to think about “fixing” retention in your first 30/60 days, thinking about retention across customer journey, and how community-building and retention go hand-in-hand.

Listen to find out

  • Val explains that retention marketing is more than email (which is also an acquisition tool) and it's across multiple pieces of the business
  • Her definition of what retention marketing actually is: talking to existing customers and building relationship
  • How to talk to your customers vs at them
  • Quick wins based on psychological plays